Time flies and half a year of 2021 passes just like that. Here is my 1H2021, H2F3 updates.

(Click here for what does H2F3 (Health, Hobbies, Family, Finance and Friends) means.)


Rolf FY2020 (H2F3) in Review

Rolf 2020Q3 H2F3 Updates



Decently good health status in 2021 so far. Although early in the year, doctor spotted intestinal issues, but for several months now, without any medical interventions, I have been feeling all well and able to live my life normally. All my family members are also healthy in 2021 without my memory of even the slightest cold or fever. Thank God for that.

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Discovered a newfound hobby in nature hiking with a close friend, away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is really nice and refreshing to be in the midst of the beguiling greenery, enjoying the chill in the air, and listening to the sound of birds, insects and singing trees. It definitely helps me mentally and physically, during the Covid lock down.

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I also went back to playing Table tennis with my friends prior to the May-June Covid lock down and the feeling is great.


We sold our houses early this year and bought a FH/999 landed property.


Thank God That We Finally Bought Our House!

How We Sold Two Properties In One Month and Very Close to My Asking Price!

It is a house newly built not too long back with modern facade and well renovated, move in condition. Land size is sufficiently good for us (2500-3000 sqft) with built up close to 4000 sqft, three levels of high ceilings ~3.7m high in living area, plus gardens and front porch big enough to park two cars.

The icing on the cake is we got it at a really good price in our ideal location. Based on recent transacted properties, we reckon our house now can easily fetch at least five percent more than what we paid for few months back.

Regrettably, we have decided not to move into our new house in the meantime due to the distance from our kids’ school. We already rented back our old house until next year. For the new house, it should fetch higher rents than the rent we are paying now for our old house. The difference should be able to help out in our renovation later.

While I am feeling pretty frustrated with the covid situation and my job, the kids are all forever happy, and watching them grow each day is really our main motivation in life.

My father-in-law passed away at age 67 this year, with initial complaints of breathlessness. It was not covid, nor cancer, but doctor can only conclude that it is due to his old age and bad health in general. In a way, it is a relief of suffering for him. The two months stay in the hospital is torturous as doctors restrict him only to his bed, without him able to go out to breath fresh air. Even though, we know it is absolutely possible to be out from bed! My father-in-law closest kin is my family, and I am the also the one who converted his belief to God a few years ago. Prior to his death, he told my wife that he had seen God and a beautiful place that awaited him. He passed away peacefully, without any major complain of pain.

As for friends, I continue to catch up regularly with them, be it for Kopi or meal outside or inviting them to my house for gathering. It definitely helps to relieve the cabin fever from being lock down within the country.



My company was in financial crisis last year but thanks to state support, new shareholders and fresh funds, plus the inevitable retrenchments to cut costs, the worst is probably over now.  That said, business outlook continues to be bleak. Internally, management are mostly new with legal and financial people in charge rather than business people. It is a very challenging environment and morale is rock bottom low.

Many good people are leaving every day. This includes my 13th direct boss in the last 8+ years, who announced his resignation recently. In 5 years, I had seen 10th bosses, 3 CEOs and 3 CFOs with countless business units head changing. It sums up how unstable the company is.

On the contrary, my wife is doing well with her new job, in a huge and profitable company that has good culture. While work is busy, it is fulfilling with many good colleagues and clients. Above all, she also received bonus and increment only few months into the job.


In order to conserve more cash, I did miss the march low in most of my stocks. Most of the share purchase YTD was unfortunately in January and February. My portfolio is not as great as Jan-Feb, but it is still in the healthy green zone overall.

Compared to end last year, stock value still increase by 5.5% excluding any savings injected. My wife also started her first stock purchase using my stock account for Nvdia, Coinbase and DiDi and contributing to my portfolio another few percent increase. All in all, including savings, my Overall Portfolio increase by 14.5% in the last 6 months.

Currently, my overall portfolio as follows.

• Shares – 74%

• Cash + Bond – 14%

• Precious metals – 12%

My shares portfolio as follows.

I also transfer a big part of my stocks from Lim and Tan over to Standard Charted Bank during this period.

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Last but not least, I also spent a full week long to attend some part time courses in Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence organised by NTU using my Skillsfuture credits. It is really interesting and good knowledge to have. After all the world is going to become Smarter and more Intelligent each day.

So just like that, half a year is gone! Really hope that the covid situation will improve globally and life can get back to near normal soon.

How about your 2021 so far?

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8 thoughts on “Rolf’s H2F3 1H2021 Updates

  1. Hi Rolf,

    The most important update is that your health is good 🙂

    Since the doctor spotted some intestinal issues, regular check-ups cannot be neglected. Stay healthy.

  2. Rolf,

    You the man!

    Glad our oily man is doing well 🙂

    Very balanced. Not crass as always thinking about money…

    People that matters – check!

    Health – check!

    Having fun – check!

    And not forgetting spirituality 😉

    Peace be with you.

    1. Shalom SMOL. Whenever becoming too uptight, I will think of you because you are the Singapore Man of Leisure. Leisure is part of developments too.

  3. Hi Rolf
    Please comment on the Lion-OCBC Securities China Leaders ETF being offered at $2.00 per unit.

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