July 30, 2021

8 thoughts on “Rolf’s H2F3 1H2021 Updates

  1. Hi Rolf,

    The most important update is that your health is good 🙂

    Since the doctor spotted some intestinal issues, regular check-ups cannot be neglected. Stay healthy.

  2. Rolf,

    You the man!

    Glad our oily man is doing well 🙂

    Very balanced. Not crass as always thinking about money…

    People that matters – check!

    Health – check!

    Having fun – check!

    And not forgetting spirituality 😉

    Peace be with you.

    1. Shalom SMOL. Whenever becoming too uptight, I will think of you because you are the Singapore Man of Leisure. Leisure is part of developments too.

  3. Hi Rolf
    Please comment on the Lion-OCBC Securities China Leaders ETF being offered at $2.00 per unit.

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