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I am a Singaporean, born in the 1970s experiencing mid-life career crisis at time of writing this blog. One reason to start blogging after 30s, is to break my own comfort zone. While it can be considered late, it is “Better Late Than Never”.

Today, I am grateful to have somewhat good health, family with me, and also have the joy of seeing my kids grow up each day. Together with a reasonably good career, I considered myself happy!My life started from a humble family with my father receiving a meagre salary and mum as housewife living in a rented 1-room HDB flat. While not exactly the most fortunate growing up in an adverse environment, I am thankful on the life experiences gathered. I am even more grateful to be blessed with a good education and graduated to be an Engineer. 

Somewhere in my Engineering career, I was transferred to sales by accident. This kickstart the climb of my corporate ladder journey, which I did well. As I accumulated more wealth, my health deteriorates. A near-death incident before age thirty, taught me to treasure my health and love ones more. Yet, as quickly as my health recovered, I also disremember the hospitalisation lesson fast.

Being young, ambitious, and sometimes ignorant, I yearn for more. Opportunity came, and I leapfrogged to a bigger role sitting at the top of the organisation chart. The scale to peak, took a tumble eventually. It was a failure and it seems to be a bad decision then. Yet, looking back today, it was one of the best things that happened. For without this event, my thinking will not be shaped correctly today. 

From my short life experiences, I learn that there is no such thing as a “Job Security” and “Life is Unpredictable”. We need to plan for the worst and live within our means, however we must never neglect to live life to the fullest, since we can only live in one lifetime.

I also realised that it is actually better to make mistakes or have setbacks in life early and learn from them and becoming wiser. Fail, learn and forward and repeat this process to evolve. 

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ” Henry Ford.

This blog advocates the principles of “Know Yourself”, “Find Your Passion”, and “Invest in Yourself” for an enriched life. In fact “Rolf Suey” when it’s alphabets rearranged become “Yourself”

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