July 27, 2021

10 thoughts on “Invaluable Million Dollar Investment with No Monetary Return for a Long Time!

    1. Guess diff household diff. It also depends on if you have other big commitment like car or mortgages. I think on average in SG, it can be as 30-40-50-60%! How about you? What is your kids expense wrt household? Or what you expect it to be?

  1. Having children will definitely slowly down our journey to financial independence or freedom if our future earned income didn't accelerate faster than their increasing expenses.

  2. Rolf.

    Funny how different people read the same post but see differently 😉

    All I see is an inspirational application of the "Parable of Talents" – on your part 😉

    After gifting talents to your 4 children (more than your parents gifted you), you can only hope none of them would get "seduced" by the idea of digging a hole
    in the ground…


    1. Wow, parable of talents (Matthew 25)! Actually, there is also parable of minas (Luke 19).
      If you delve in, they are different.

      Parable of talents is 3 servants receiving diff amount base on their capability. One 5, one 2 and another 1 talent. Parable of minas are 10 servants receiving 10 minas, all equal amount to start with.

      So it should be Parable of Minas in this case, as I am not bias against anyone of them, and they all receive same to start with.


    2. Hi Rolf,

      Letting kids receive the same amount from parents would be ideal situation since it has least chance to cause dispute. Unfortunately, God has designed our kids to be different in strengths and weaknesses. I don't wish to question God's design but the distribution of human talent/assets in nature is unfair. This is how things are. We cannot change it. So, the rational approach for parents is to give each kid unequal share. To each according to his needs (all other things being equal), that's what I will do. And when parent is no longer around, we can only hope the stronger sibling will help out the weaker ones. From each according to his ability, that's what I hope the stronger child will do.

    3. Hi hyom, both are in the bible, so guess both are applicable.
      Yes, diff capability. $ and time, and knowledge, maybe can distribute accordingly among diff of them. '

      E.g. one give more $, then other more teachings…. depends on their character…

  3. Hi Rolf,

    I hope there are more Singaporeans like you. You are highly productive with 4 kids and you are willing to invest a lot in each of them. Thank you for your contribution to Singapore!! 🙂

    If couples were to view kids as investment, then it doesn't make sense to have kids because odds are low that the "investment" will pay off. Kids give sense of purpose to our lives. I can see you are doing financially well. Imagine a financially successful person had lots of cash surplus. He can keep re-investing his surplus cash to constantly grow his money but there comes a point when piling money on top of money is no longer satisfactory. Law of diminishing returns sets in. It will reach a point when he wants to spend it on something meaningful which gives him great personal satisfaction. Where better else than to spend it on his own flesh and blood, investing in the human capital of his own future generation?

    Having surplus money to spend on kids doesn't mean one should just throw it on the kids. I'm careful not to fall into the trap of guilt and spend because other parents are spending. If the kids are already scoring As and Bs in their school-work and manage to get into top schools, I don't see a need to spend thousands on tuition. If kids are in danger of repeating one more year in school or even dropping out, then spend big on tuition if spending can help fix the problem. As for enrichment courses, the kid should express strong interest in the topic first. Don't send him to enrichment courses simply because other parents are doing so without checking with the kid first whether he likes it or not.

    I do not like to talk about private family matters in public. Maybe some day if we meet up.

    I am so glad to have kids. Many young Singaporeans regard kids as burden but some burden adds purpose to life. I won't regret even if outcome is bad.

    1. Hi hyom,

      Thanks for your well written comments as usual.

      There is always pro and cons. Wow… law of diminishing margin return. 

      I know of two Asian friends with 9 children in each of the family. One in Singapore and the other migrate to Australia. And the one in SG is a security guard and his wife is not working (or working part-time) with children age of 25 to 4 at the time of telling me. He is working two jobs though.

      Frankly, having one or two or more, we should never indulge in numbers. Let it be natural…. Hahaha.. I never plan too much…

      Yeah, agree with you. Cannot be over. We are quite balance in their enrichment and in fact at the lower end. Just that we are doing more on sports than the typical.

      Definitely not the kiasu parents, but sometimes it is really “bo bian” (no choice), considering most of the kids are really having trouble to keep up with the school curriculum. At least mine are not as smart to catch up quickly.

      Burden or not, it is personal choice.

      Every gain, there are losses! Some losses now can translate to gains in future, just that maybe now we will never realise.

      Definitely look forward to coming out! PM me please. Maybe arranging another reader to be out too!

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