July 30, 2021

6 thoughts on “Be Wiser When You First Start Your Career – In Dire Industry, it is More Difficult to Find Success!

  1. Being an engineer since 90s, I concur with what you wrote in your article. Along the way, I am glad that I developed interest in finance planning and investment. Now my engineering job is just to provide a basic pay until I could not work on it anyway. My passive income from my investment will then kick in. I think all engineers should develop a dual track of income before their industries start to decline.

  2. Rolf,

    I remember big daddy coming to my secondary school to sell the "benefits" of joining the SAF Boys School…

    That's until during NS, I saw how my SAF Boy School signed-on sergeants being "let-go" one by one in their late 20s… Contacts no renewed…

    Now that we need thinking soldiers who can operate computers and operate complex machineries (minimum poly grads?), "bo tak chek" soldiers are "obsolete"…

    Years later, met one sergeant who is working as storeman (not even storekeeper), and another as despatch rider…

    That's why I say everything is a speculation. Even crossing the road!

    1. Oh yes…SAF school boys. I almost become one of them in the Air Force, but make a U-turn after filling up the form.

      It is sad plight for the examples you mention.

      Then again, also cannot all blame others, as we need to take our own initiatives.

      Now… I am blaming myself…. 🙁

  3. Morning Brolf.. hahaha…. this article so apt..

    ever seen an expat engineering manager , with no engineering degree? *wink*

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