Rolf’s Portfolio Updates – Dec 2020


Have been accumulating shares each month throughout the unforgettable unprecedented year of Covid. Now, I am 70% shares and 12% cash, with 18% precious metals. Do not think I will increase my stock portfolio drastically now, other than my monthly excess buy from 2021 onwards.

May possibly pare down metals (silver in particular) to unlock some profits, and also to increase cash for potential stock opportunities going forward.

I am still bullish on Tech especially China ones.
Felt that Alibaba is greatly undervalued and keeps on accumulating below 255. Also bought into more Meituan when prices dropped below 280. Took small profits off Apple, Amazon and Microsoft to buy into other shares.
Still on China, I also accumulated on CNOOC on top of Sinopec. Felt that these oil giants are still greatly undervalued despite the vaccine discovery news and China’s economical recovery. Furthermore, the dividends are “delicious”!
Also, bought a little into Koolearn, a Chinese online Education company. Koolearn is a subsidiary of New Oriental Education & Technology, one of the largest private education companies in China. XPeng, the equivalent of Tesla in China together with NIO, also became part of my portfolio.
Since I own Pfizer before the news of Vaccine’s discovery, I was entitled to shares of Viatris. Bought some shares Viatris to round it up.
As a Singaporean, I also supported SEA Limited, a Singapore based company. Keppel DC Reit and Mapletree Industrial Trust share prices slide due to the sector rotation of funds from Tech to Covid-affected stocks. Believing in their future regardless of vaccine or not, I nibbled into KDC and MIT. I sold off Keppel and SPH Reit and some of STI ETF.



I have a whooping of 31 different stocks now. Not sure if it is too many. But, one thing I am sure, is these are the stocks that I love owning for now.


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