July 29, 2021

4 thoughts on “Rolf 2020 (H2F3) in Review

  1. Hi Rolf, a merry Christmas to u.
    This holiday is also one of the less hectic. I learn silly stuff like sodoku and rubrics cube. Glad that my son went beyond 3by 3 and do 4 by 4. I gave up 4 by 4… Hahahah mission accomplished for getting my son in

  2. Hi bro SI, merry Xmas to u as well. Cube 4×4 is really tough, and must have quick hands and quick brains. I am sure your boy has both.

  3. Happy new year to u and yr family!

    Where is yr btc? Im considering to get into btc with a small position. Mind to share how u buy n store them?

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