July 23, 2021

9 thoughts on “Alibaba Share Price Drop – An Undervalue Gem?

  1. Morning Brolf..

    though i think BABA will get worse first, before recovering. it seems the authorities are driving a concerted effort, having a go at them.

    open sesame to huatness!

    and, Merry Xmas too !

    1. Hi Bro, morning and Merry Xmas,

      Not just BABA, most things in life always seem to get worst before recovering.

      The authorities is going after ANT, not BABA! Haha….

      Ma owns and have say in Ant, but who ultimately owns and have the controlling say behind BABA?

      Question: Will China authorities harm their own company in the long run?

  2. Morning Bro,

    I do think it will get worse too. As I was communicating with another blogger. There are other soe that are also monopolistic in nature, and why so much media coverage for the calling up of Any official. Very obviously it is to 杀鸡儆猴

    But I would say it is a good opportunity to watch the volatility. I am keeping it in my radar

    1. Morning Bro, Agree with you.

      Shares movement is swing up and down too fast this year!

      Really cannot catch it at many times.

  3. Why go for BaBa there are much better stock to vest at wall st? BaBa is good but it is slow, How about FVRR CRWD FSLY NET TWLO i am vested since April 20.

    1. Too many stocks around, but not all are the most profitable in the world. Nonetheless have to agree w u that it has been too slow for too long.

      But normally spike up and down can be sudden. In this case, it is down for now.

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