July 30, 2021

6 thoughts on “Is “NOW” The Right Time To Invest?

    1. HI WTK, Agree with you. Regular is the word. Just like exercising to keep trim and fit, must be regular also.

  1. Finally a good article i read here, vested in nasdaq since late April and sitting on 110% profit. Not too late to buy this correction too. I bought TSLA SQ NVTA and another 12 more,, Huat ahhh. If i am still in SGX, i will be still staring at losses. I adivse buddy who read me,, move over to US, SGX sxxk,, call the CEO JLB to go home.

  2. 5min after meeting ended…
    boss : i need this report completed
    me : when do need this?
    boss : yesterday
    me : (-_-)""

    1. Haha broFC, yes, yes yes! Yesterday tend to be the time we wanted to be if we still have a chance to go back.

      Reality is, we cant go back but can only look back and learn!

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