July 23, 2021

5 thoughts on “Rolf’s Household Expenses to Household Income

  1. Personal finance is so fascinating simply because it is personal. Everyone has different circumstances to handle! As always, thanks for sharing. I can imagine your household situation to be very "interesting" so many people living together! Some snippets on that in future, if you don't mind.

    Lastly, congrats on the comfortable household income situation AND knowing how to make good use of that!


    1. Hi Kev,

      Well said. Personal finance is “personal”. Everyone has different way of “losing” and earning money. Eg. some spend on cars, some on vacations, some on food, some on expensive cameras, some on golf, some on kids’ education, some even in mistresses… oops!!! Mine is mainly family.

      When we meet one day, I will show u personally the snippets of my household, since it’s “personal”.. haha.

  2. Is it worthwhile to buy a freeland house given the likely need for a bank loan in the later part of life?

    A two cents worth of views.


    1. Hi WTK,

      Appreciate your views, sincerely.
      I agree with you that landed prop are exorbitantly priced in SG, esp FH. I hate to spent that kind of money on a house so ex!

      However because of my larger household, most are sleeping on the floor now, and even a 4 bedroom flat is not quite enough. I will definitely love to buy a landed overseas for less than 500k, yet bigger, compared to SG. But there is a foregone conclusion unless we migrate. “also worth my thoughts”!

      Anyway, my thoughts on property mortgage and interest payments are in my earlier article!


      I am lucky to have a nett +ve value of >7 digit for my pte apt now, and also collecting another prop’s rental. So either I will buy the landed with two properties rental supporting? not quite feasible now due to the high stamp duties, and I will need to sell off a big portion of my stock portfolio…

      Guess it’s more feasible for me to sell one prop and put a comfortable downpayment for the landed. Then I will incur lesser interest payment, and yet supported by another prop rental income. Together with stock dividend, and of course our salaries, guess the mortgage burden will be very minimum.
Or I can actually sell off my investment portfolio n one prop to pay down huge portion of my landed mortgage. But that is something not worth doing bcos the prop interest is so low now.

      My target to clear my landed loan within 10yrs from now, and hopefully my investment portfolio will do well by then for me to cash out to be loan free.

      Anyway, I have very little financial goal in life, as I am too lazy to further climb in the corporate world due to the politics. Also I don’t really look forward to FIRE, bcos I love to keep on working actually..strange!!! But maybe in a diff environment.

      Hence, I set the landed prop target to drive n keep myself going, otherwise, I worried that I will just fired my “boss” n just do nothing… if one day I really feel so dry out.

      Also, as a gift for my kids in future.

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