July 23, 2021

4 thoughts on “Rolf’s Thoughts: How Is Keppel Going to Monetize S$17.5 billions and Revamp It’s O&M Business?

  1. The tough question is who would wanna buy their O&G assests when O&G is going downhill. My 2 cents

    1. In SG, most big companies always look to Temasek… hahhahaa… not sure good or bad!

      Anyway, it is generally more difficult now, but no totally impossible. O&G is cyclical, and I will explain more in a separate post.

  2. Keppel cuts losses on O&M and recovers whatever left on the table instead of dragging on with rotting biz? Some money back is still better.

    1. Keppel like SG are not good in growing businesses outside financial services and investment companies.

      SG companies are only good in growing when times is good, but when times are tough, we start complaining. But perhaps it is because of our lack of anticipation and always thinking good times will last forever.

      That is Keppel and SG and most Singaporeans!

      There are many private owned O&M companies who are still sustaining well for 30, 40 years, I known of. The biz is cyclical. Now is a bad time without doubt! But to blame the environment entirely is not fair for companies operating in the environment for years who knows the biz is cyclical!

      Just last year, will we say Aerospace is rotting biz?

      Again, in my next post, I will show many of you why the company is to be blamed and not always the environment! There are many private owned companies in the world that are still sustaining and earn sufficient money averaged over the past 10,15,20 years, because the owner knows the business is cyclical and during good times are not growing that aggressively.

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