July 24, 2021

10 thoughts on “Rolf’s Portfolio, Stocks Mix and Investment Strategy

  1. Hi Rofl,

    If you are open to share – for your metals, are they physical or paper holdings?



  2. Hi Buildingmydream, tks for dropping by. I use to have 50% paper (GLD ETF) n 50% physical gold (bought from UOB). Now UOB also has paper Gold savings account I think, but you need to be there physically to open the account. Since the crisis, I sold off GLD to buy more stocks. Physical is more troublesome to sell.

    For Silver it is the same, I have UOB silver accounts and bought Physical silver from Silver Bullion. The charges for storage charges in the vault is expensive and UOB also deduct your Silver oz as charges each year. My silver holding is high but not lucrative. I sort of regretted buying too much more Silver than gold. I think for a start, you should go for gold, which I think it is a good hedge already. But if you think Silver is really cheap now and may explode, then go ahead also.

    I bought physical back then, because I love having all experiences of paper and physical. Also, I like to see and touch both gold and silver back then.

    But frankly, I think if it is just for investments and not items collector, paper is more liquidable!

    But if possible, you can have 50% paper 50% physical, as being Asians, you feel good to have something physical in your possession and there can be times when physical pricing can diverge from paper. https://www.rolfsuey.com/2020/05/understand-divergence-of-physical.html

    Please also refer below and I did mention more about gold and silver and how to invest your 100K.


    Also a commenter mentioned GLDM paper gold is cheaper!

    1. Thanks Rofl!

      I have always been in a dilemma between physical and paper metals since physical would be reflecting a real hedge against fiat currencies and paper would become useless in that kind of situation if we revert to the days of barter trade.

      Also, the recent divergence that you pointed out raises concern on paper although it is definitely more liquid.

      Appreciate your suggestions, I will certainly look into them!

    2. Hi BmD,

      I use to believe there is slight possibility that we may one day go into useless currencies and go into barter trade. But nowadays I think the possibility is really very very slim, because of government intervention, ease of digital currency printing, and advent of technology to eliminate the needs of barter trade..

      In times of greater crisis, when real demand and shortage of metals due to fear are taking place, ok.. physical will deviate from paper. But the Physical are also subject to bullions or banks earning more commissions during buy and sell…

      Overall, I think 50 – 50 should be ok, if you really believe in metals as a hedge! Bcos you can sell paper metals easily to convert into cash if needed, the physical is as backup!

      Thanks for dropping by. Please do your own research too! 🙂

    3. Seems like you have gained faith in the alternatives minimising the needs of barter trade days..

      Hopefully, this similar phase will pass for me too..


      **Sotong me. Realised comment below was in the wrong section. Repost here..

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