My Humble Career Experiences and Advices in the Midst of Current Job Turbulence

For almost the last two decades of my career, I had experienced many ups and downs. Guess it will be no different for most of us in our careers. Twenty years is not that long yet, but sufficient for me to  see and learn so many things.
My career experience started during my army days where politics were prevalent and disgustful. This followed by the 2003 SARs crisis where job seeking was extremely difficult, having just graduated and needed to repay the huge tuition fee and study loan I undertook during my university days.
In situation when there are very little office politics, I experienced severe health issues due to my work nature of being offshore, and frequent the hospitals. Then came the 2008-09 Great Financial Crisis that caught everyone by surprise, and I learnt that there is no surety in our jobs.  
At the very peak of my career, with copious amount of drive, passion and at times arrogance, I took on a bigger role in another company. I fell. It was painful, but it was the best experience in my life and I become a better person. Not necessary richer and authoritative higher career position, but genuinely a better natured person with greater humility.
Then as when I thought things are getting better, came the unexpected 2015-2016 Oil crisis, where everyone in my office was laid off, and I was the lone survivor with a superior from overseas who is adamant to get me fired. I survived the pain, and a year later, this superior was asked to leave instead by our CEO.
The sea was calm for a few years until now. But with this pandemic, our group is undergoing major restructuring. Hence, no jobs are certain, including mine. 

Today, I am no longer worry or being oppressed by my things happening in my jobs. This is thanks to my past experiences teaching me to mentally and financially prepared. Health, Family, Friends and my Hobbies are of equal if not more important as with my Financial. 

For the past years as a blogger, I had written many career related posts. And perhaps its relevant to share of few of them here again in the midst of jobs uncertainty. 

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Anyway, today is Father’s day and please stay positive. As long as we stay righteous and faithful, and prioritise on the truly important things in life, we will see the light in the Tunnel.
Blessed is the Father who shares his heart, lives his faith, gives his time and love his family!

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3 thoughts on “My Humble Career Experiences and Advices in the Midst of Current Job Turbulence

  1. Happy Father's Day Rolf.

    Enjoy your day. I am sort of also "going down" in my career progression, but I must say I am happier and likely healthier.

    1. Hi SI,

      Happy Father’s day to you! and yeah… it’s the first weekend where we can truly go out or at least meet with relatives or friends at home.

      Hey… happier and healthier are definitely more important than almost any other things.

      Maybe your career will be like the recent market, “going down” but climbing up strongly later.. there are always up and down, but endurance, patience and perseverance are at times more important if not equal importance with capability!

      Be blessed as the Happy Father!

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