August 2, 2021

7 thoughts on “How Much Does It Cost in Detail to Raise a Child in Singapore for Low, Middle and High Income Households

    1. Thanks bro. Yes, with inflation it is even more expensive. That is the cost of advancement in almost every city in the world. With advancement come higher cost of living and greater disparity between the "haves" and the "have not"

  1. Hi Rolf,

    I only have 1 child. It is quite worrying. We didn't aggressively try for another, but we are not against the idea too.

    Having done the caregiving part for both my parents, I am glad I have 2 siblings to share the load of caregiving. Caregiving in the final journey required more than a maid or a respite nurse. Respite nurse are very expensive, and u need them nonetheless. I remember as we take our shifts, we will each spend a night without sleep, the maid and respite nurse than take the rest of the sleepless nights.

    It is difficult for both the sick and caregiver and imagine if u are alone in all these. Even if financially sound, it is quite scary, I remember worrying about money and my brother is telling me not to worry. It is rather gloomy and depressing going home to a dementia father and trying to reduce his discomfort as he body fails and watch home.suffer helplessly

    I think I am a rather stingy father. My wife after hearing suggestions from relatives have often ask me should we get this tuition or let him go to enrichment, I always said no, unless u insist. Personally, I think he is coping rather fine. Definitely not topping the class or cohort, but I am.dine with being average.

    The 2 enrichments that I agree is swimming and badminton to keep him healthy as he is getting too fat. With Covid, he can't go for those lessons anymore. Sigh…

    1. Good for all kids to learn swimming as young as possible. It is for survival too. Once we fall into deep water and if we can't float ourselves; certainly cant survive before help reach us.

    2. Hi SI,
      Thanks for dropping by. When you have parents and child to take care, it is not easy. Expenses will be high indefinitely, but this type of money commitment is a form of expressing our love.

      About the enrichment, I am the same for as you. My wife wanted to sign up this and that, I cancel everything and only left with Chinese and Table tennis. Swimming is almost like a must, but once they are able to swim by themselves, I cancel the lesson. My children I think are average or below average in their studies. Definitely not elitist!

      As for Sports, I always tell her and make her remember the benefits:
      1) Health 2) Focus, Discipline & Perseverance 3) Friends and Fun

    3. Hi CW,
      Yeah all my kids learn swimming when young. Haha, the older type of "swimming" in the society I am teaching them also. 🙂

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