July 29, 2021

20 thoughts on “My Company Will Be Undergoing Restructuring. What is My Backup Plan?

  1. Hey Rolf, hope things turn out OK for you. Otherwise, it looks very clear to me that you have already done the necessary planning. I really like it that you highlighted the context behind each FIRE story is different.


    1. Hey Kevin, always heart-warming to receive your comments. Not sure why, but for many years now I always feel your articles in ur blog also resonated with my thinking of outright truthfulness with nothing much to hide. Yes, I am afraid that sometimes readers see the book cover but forget that the behind the cover, there are more stories. Don’t get me wrong, I think FI is important but we must also be realistic and not over rush into it. RE should be better define, for e.g. after FI, we can serve charity, community or go into non-profit work to help others, or simply doing meaningful things we love as a form of work.

    1. Thanks CW8888. Perhaps remind you of our different taps of income! One tap if clog, there will be no water or water will be contaminated. Then too late to build another tap.

  2. hi Rolf, All the best, what comes may. In the end, your company might not want you to leave.

    U made me think harder of my own exit plan if it happens. Before Covid 19, I did meet up with a potential partner to start my own center. Really didnt work out, but that session let me gain plenty of insight of my shortcomings in the "business/private" world.

    Wish u 柳暗花明又一村

    1. hi Rolf, All the best, what comes may. In the end, your company might not want you to leave.

      U made me think harder of my own exit plan if it happens. Before Covid 19, I did meet up with a potential partner to start my own center. Really didnt work out, but that session let me gain plenty of insight of my shortcomings in the "business/private" world.

      Wish u 柳暗花明又一村

      Hi SI,
      At least you did think about it, and at least you did talk to the potential partner and action was taken. Whether it is successful or not, at least you try and learn from it. I think maybe you should get a partner that is genuinely trustworthy and good in the commercial aspects of the business. Then you should focus on the technical aspect since that is your experience.

      The courage is important. Actually I was just talking to my family member about the choice of partner. I told my gal that choosing a project partner is better to choose one who is totally different from her, although normally kids tend to choose project partners who are too similar to them, which is not that good. For e.g if you are lousy in technical such as programming, but good in presentation, you should choose an IT geek as your partner although, both of you may not click as good friends.

      For instance, my potential partner and myself already have partnerships before. We are very different in our expertise and character. But both of us are engineers. He is good in all the technical aspect of the business, while I am more apt in the commercial especially contracts and POs, terms and conditions. I am more outspoken, but he is less. He is very entrepreneur and can find many opportunities and do many different businesses in a single time. But I prefer to be more focus on what it matters most, one at a time. He hates writing emails, and everything verbal on phone and whatsapp while, I am better when it comes to black and white protection. He has very good experiences in many different business within few countries in SEA, while I have more international experiences.

      BUT we do share the same CORE belief of integrity and truthfulness in business, and that earning the MOST MONEY is not the most important. Esp, making quick money by exploiting the loopholes of the society and relationships, and at the expense of others is NO NO NO! We rather don’t want the business and struggle with poor finance. We believe that the drive of the success of our business is to share the fruits in the business with the people around us.

    2. Hi Rolf,
      Thanks for your insight. After talking to her, and subsequently different people, I get the feeling that the technical aspect that I offers is easily "bought" and hence there is no need for "partnership"

      I did read up more on the commercial aspect and meet more people to listen to views. So i believed my exit is a one man show. One man show doesn't earn much, but if done well, should ensure my family are well taken care of.

      After my change in role, I was much happier working, so that plan went into the back burner. But thanks to article like yours, we should not take things for granted.


      Sorry to have shift the chat to me. Hope u are alright and will gains greener pastures

    3. Hi SI,
      No shit chat. I enjoy hearing your experience. Glad to hear that you are happier now with the new role. The good thing is that at least you did think and talk to people about the exit plan. I am alright, and I am optimistic that there are sure to be solution. Lastly, your v chim mandarin always made me google 居安思危…

  3. Rolf, i always liked to read your article as i find it down to earth, realistic. May God bless you and family with good health, peace, joy

    1. Hi, thanks and I am really appreciative of your generous comments. The joy of appreciation from reader is more than the appreciation of the value of my stock portfolio. I also wish you good health, blissful family relationships. God bless you with love peace and joy.

  4. Rolf,

    From one shepherd to another, there's nothing more to be said between us except perhaps a knowing nod or salute to each other.

    Like two warriors crossing path – one moving towards the battlefront; while the other is retiring from his fighting days…

    1. Hi Jared, it's been awhile. I had been at the battlefront for my entire career, since I am either more involve in sales or on site services. Why are you retiring from your fighting days so young when TCB is still fighting to win election at 80. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the article, have been following your blog for some time and happy to see you are more active in blogging this year.

    Not a lot of people have the courage and opportunity to do a career switch I comment you for that if you would go that route. But at least wait for the restructuring / severance and not resign 🙂

    1. Dear Pete, thanks for your support n encouragement. I will love to have the severance if there is. Yes, I will likely wait for that if it comes. But if I am not "butchered", I am also consider leaving as I already spent close to 15 years in corporate MNC which comes to a point that I wondered if I can really be happy if I carry on another 15-20 years of corporate life, without a taking a gamble now!

  6. Hi Rolf,

    Before I egg you on, I feel more comfortable putting on a warning sign that most start-ups fail. I'm sure you already know this, of course.

    You are a much better person than me. Many years ago when I was worrying about job stability, my backup plan was to live off on my investment activities. In contrast, your backup plan is to start your own business. If you succeed, jobs and useful products/services will be created. That is true wealth creation. When people like me succeed, little quality wealth is created because what I do is mostly a zero-sum game. Investors living off dividends don't create quality wealth. Rather, they participate in the wealth created by entrepreneurs/employees. Traders making profits in the secondary markets are playing a zero-sum game.

    Singapore and the world will be better off if we have more people like you -> Role model in the financial blogosphere.

    I have some past engineering experience with IoT and some knowledge in data analytics because of my interest in this topic. You can contact me(check my blog for contact details) if you need someone to discuss about these technical stuff. I'm not sure about the value of my technical advice, but it's going to be free, for sure.

    I sincerely hope you succeed.

    1. Hi Hyom,

      Thanks for your great comments.
      Yes of course, I agree with u completely that most start up failed. You are not egging. It’s the truth.

      My plan here of starting my own does not mean the product is completely new. Actually it’s more like partnering with my friend who already have the solution, product and expertise that existed for many years with track records. Just that it is not in Sg. So my task is made simpler by creating a JV company here, to push and grow the solutions into Sg and the rest of the world.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with living off investments/dividends. It is a very commendable effort if your expenses can be covered by your investments. I applaud that. Nonetheless, that is not really what I want and also maybe my situation is tougher as I am supporting now financially quite a number of people.

      Furthermore, I love challenges and new things and growth. So hopefully having starting of our own will realize this passion in a more unrestrictive manner. But I am sure it will be tougher.

      And yes, hopefully, more jobs can be created for Singaporeans! But our ultimate vision is to focus on charitable cause, if we ever can retire from the business world.

      Great to know your expertise in IoT. If ever, we started, I will let you know.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Stay safe and healthy.

    2. Hi Rolf,

      Your product sounds promising. It has a successful track record somewhere else but it's not available in Singapore. In other words, you have a potentially winning product with no competition when you introduce it in Singapore. Sounds like a winner. Haha.

      Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong living off investments/dividends. I try to see things as they are but not in a way simply to make myself feel good to patch a hole in the heart. The fact remains that the world we live in today is better off because of our enterprising ancestors who were willing to pay the price to start new, risky businesses selling useful products/services. I will be happy to be of useful value to these kind of people.

    1. 不敢当 Fc. Seriously, I think if the venture ever took off and grow, I will contact you. After-all we shared similar background in career/education.

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