Rolf’s Updates – My Priorities in Life – Health, Finance, Family, Friends & Hobbies – 2020 2Q

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Refer here for my last H2F3 update in 2020Q1.

2Q2020 should be one of the most unusual for most Singaporeans. For the first time in history, the country was “locked down” with limited business activities. The economy suffered greatly and many jobs lost. However, just like what is said of Newton’s 3rd law that “for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” While we admit that the situation is bad, we can always find the positives out of it.
The world is almost in sabbath. There are lesser pollution.  The roads are clear of cars and rivers clear of pollution. For many working from home, there are no more peak office rush hours, as many can save at least one and half to two hours a day. The time saved, plus the fact that we are being cooped up at home, we suddenly become more health conscious and put exercise in mind. Many started home cooking as well. And what is even better, is that we can do exercise and cooking or other activities as a family.
Thank God. All my family members are healthy and safe during this time. For me, sinus and gastric  issues are occasional disturbances. My sinus has been an ongoing issue, controlled by anti-histamine. For gastric, I never miss meals, but not sure why sometimes the attack still come. I was wondering if my workout rate is significantly higher than my food intake resulting in the over-secretion of gastric acids? Anyway, I will try to take care of my health more. 
Inspired by Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson’s routine and discipline in life in which he wake up as early as 4am every day and workout 6 days a week, my very own workout regime intensified. I tried my best to work out five to six days a week, on average 1 to 1.5 hours a day. Because of the inability to use the gym during circuit breaker, I either do Weights training using my 10 kg and 4 kg pairs, or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) following my favourite workout youtube channel “Anabolic aliens”. I try to skip jogging as there are simply too many people. Below is Dwayne Johnson workout routine on different parts of the body, which I try my best to follow the sequence (not the weights and sets) as much as possible.
·       Day 1 Mon – Legs ; Day 2 Tue – Back ; Day 3 Wed – Shoulders ;
·       Day 4 Thu – Arms, Abs ; Day 5 Fri – Legs,
·       Day 6 Sat – Chest ;  DAY 7 Sun – Rest
What is heartening for me is my children worked out together as well. They followed “Chloe Ting’s routine” and becoming fitter now.
I cut down on my oily and junk food.
My weight is still the same 78 Kg, but I had successfully flattened my belly curves. Four or six packs is still a far-fetched reality. Keep on improving….
Blame myself for not devoting as much time. Nonetheless, I am grateful that God still open door regularly for me or my family to be able to share or help people around us. Recently, a lady friend of mine contracted cancer, and another brother who is closed to her contacted me for advices. The sharing session edified our faith as we also gathered corporate prayers for her healing. Her cancer cells are gone now.
First and foremost, we are extremely thankful to be with our family during this time. Our continued heartfelt and sincere prayers for those locked down in foreign places in isolation to be reunited with their loved ones soon.
During this period, business travels stopped and most of us are working from home. At the same time, children’s hectic school life also take a breather with home-based learning replacing classes. The whole family spent more time together. Siblings can also play together more often. It is great for family bonding as we eat together, exercise together, play together, watched Netflix together, so on and so forth. Of course, when we spent so much time together, quarrels and fights within the family are part and parcel as well. I had also have relatives divorced during this time.
For husband and wife, please learn to forgive and apologise. Always put yourself into each other’s shoes. Relationships mending is important! As the saying goes in Mandarin, 床头吵架床尾和. It basically means it husband and wife quarrel at a start (head of the bed), but it should always end up in compromise or forgiveness at the end of it (end of the bed).
After months of discussions, our Group finally received bail-out with new owners and investors, and at the same time backed by the government. The financial situation is stable now. Yet, restructuring had been announced. I expect at least 20-30% of the workforce globally will be bidding farewell soon, after the summer holidays. While Singapore office is still doing well, but because we have no unions in Singapore to protect our “rice bowls” unlike in Europe, perhaps it is highly likely that Singapore office will face the “axing reality” sooner. Hence, my job is not guaranteed. And with my wife already resigned, it can be tougher times ahead!  Also refer to my Career back up plan here: My Company Will Be Undergoing Restructuring. What is My Backup Plan?
The good news is my wife had received several invitations for interview from much bigger company than her current ones.

In the past few months, I continued to increase the percentage of my shares in my overall portfolio while reducing cash and precious metals holdings. Currently, my portfolio as follows.

·        Cash + Bond – 33%
·        Shares – 43%
·        Gold, Silver and Crypto – 24%

Home loan
Applied for delayed in mortgage repayment until end of the year. Guess it is logical during this time to keep some cash, since it is interest free.
Except for electricity bills which are soaring, all of the rest of expenses were greatly reduced. I cancelled my Starhub TV, after many years as a loyal platinum hub club member. It is replaced by the cheaper Netflix. I switched my utilities from SP services to the cheaper GENECO. There are also immense savings on enrichment lessons for the kids, although it will quickly return to normal again after the lifting of circuit breaker. We also learn to live on the necessity in life during this covid-19 lock down period. I reckon this is a blessing in disguise, teaching us that we actually do not need a lot of material things as long as our family is intact, healthy and safe. This is of utmost importance.
No gatherings in the last quarter after the stay home orders, although I still have regular phone calls, or whatsapp chat with many friends. Started to catch up with sibling and friends again after the Phase 2 of circuit breaker, either visiting their home or them visiting ours. I also already catch up with friend over coffee, and already had more plans in the month of July and beyond. Yesterday, I caught up with my secondary school friends. 
No table tennis and swimming during circuit breaker. Working out 5-6 days a week keeps me young and feeling refreshed. I absolutely love the feeling of perspiring all out! Occasionally, my wife and me will go out to take a walk, since she rarely exercise. Blogging also become my regular routine, to crystallize my thoughts. Above all, I am appreciative for all the readers and their valuable comments.
Watching Netflix together with family become a norm. Aside from a Netflix movie during the weekend, each weekday for 1 hour after dinner, we will watch “The Titan Games” followed by “Ultimate Beastmaster” which are both American sports entertainment reality competition, overcoming barriers and obstacles. I will also tell my kids how these participants overcome challenges in life to become stronger. My gals love the show. At night, it will be Korean Thriller Drama for my wife and me. Of which the Korean TV series “Signal” caught our attention the most.
Health – Slimmer tummy! Not perfect though, as sometimes I experience gastric problem!  
Family – We are staying at home!
Financial – Acquired stocks in US and HK aside from SG. Career is unstable due to group restructuring, but excited that it may be a blessing in disguise for my corporate exit plan.
Friends – Regular catch up over phone. Anticipate more coffee chats meet up soon.
Hobbies – Regular workout. No table tennis with friends yet. Blog regularly.

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8 thoughts on “Rolf’s Updates – My Priorities in Life – Health, Finance, Family, Friends & Hobbies – 2020 2Q

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Good to see that you are doing good on the health front.

    When health is gone, it is game over. One can lose job, lose career, lose money, go bankrupt, divorced but as long health is intact, there is always a chance to recover from the setback, however serious. Take care and stay safe from the virus.

    This lockdown period is a good time to test a married couple's relationship. If the couple is the right fit for each other, the more time they spend together, the more they love each other. If the marriage was a mistake, then the more time they spend together, the more they hate each other. Marrying well is key to happiness. It's hard to imagine how a person can be happy if he married poorly, even if he's very rich.

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