July 30, 2021

5 thoughts on “Start My Own, or Stay with Current Job

  1. Hi Bro,

    You are on a roll! Blogging consecutively for a few days in a row.

    Good post!

    1. You were the inspiration, who always encourage me to blog here. Since I took leave in the last few days, I decided to squeeze more articles.

  2. Hihi Rolf,

    Like your post. Success at work, depends on the part that u bring to business. Sometimes we might not be as successful in certain areas that is redundant in the first place, and highly unproductive.

    But the part of not rusbung through, and small capital outlay, and having a trusted partner is indeed core missing areas.

    Keeping a lookout…

    1. Success is subjective and varies. But to me, it is achieving the goal I set and in the process able to help people around me, and of course help myself to learn, and improve.

      There are many refundancy and unoroductivity in life, but most important is if you reach your goal or even if you didn’t achieve your goal, did you in the process become better and stronger the next time.

      In work, in the past, I wanted to climb to the top mgmt and able to achieve certain range of income. I sort of achieve it, so to me, it is considered successful.

      Nowadays, my success in work derived from my relationships with people, which I consider again myself successful. No longer have any desire to climb, but instead to sustain is good for me.

      I still believe that a good business is one that is able to generate cashflow, or at least CF positive. Many people go into a business investing loads of upfront cash, but eventually just loose it. Of course there are exceptions.

      E.g. Thai Express founder manage to get upfront cash with the support of his Father in Law and make it successful.

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