July 27, 2021

7 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Then & Now – Loving the unloved?

    1. Human nature. Once bitten twice shy. I know pple whose parents or relatives had failed marriage and hence they themselves never believe in marriage.

    1. For loving the unloved 😀 End of the day, even if it isn't for investment, getting our hands dirty and learning about new technology are just as important and/or exciting. I'm sure you have learnt a lot through the process of getting acquainted with Bitcoin. It was the same for myself 🙂

    2. Totally agree with u Kev!
      I love to break my comfort zone. And buying my first BTC is one of the reason.

      I had read several articles that many BIG bitcoin losers actually have very in depth knowledge of bitcoin. Therefore, investing in crypto can in many ways similar to normal investment technique.

      it’s all psychological… first must BELIEF second “when” @ what “price”? will it kill you or just a part of ur total portfolio in questions.

      bla bla bla..

      so i m buying more bcos it’s against the frenzy and against the majority public. 🙂

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