August 5, 2021

56 thoughts on “Renew Car COE 5 years or 10 years?

  1. I would also pt for 10 years.

    However, what about maintenance cost?

    Gear box overhaul, engine overhaul et may cost a lot as compare to the value of car.

    1. Hi Ray, it’s a comparison between 5yrs and 10yrs. If your PARF car is already problematic, then better dun renew.

      If on 6-7 yrs, lets say maintenance cost is too high, then you can always de-reg!

      So comparatively, if you can afford 10yrs better than 5yrs.

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    1. come, June 2 years

      Moving fine. Send for workshop a few times, but minor priblems

  2. Always renew 10year . Don't be like the car dealer that they will only do 5year. They kill it . Like a cancer for the car in 5year. Top of the cost. I have renew all my car and bike 10year . I have keep a few car and bike and they run good. Depend how you take care of them

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  12. Hi, can you elaborate further on this para:

    [Advantage : 5 year cannot renew to 10 years thereafter

    If you opt to renew COE for 5 years, once it expires, you any time you decide to de-register your car and get back the COE pro-rata rebate, you can!]

    1) How is it an 'advantage' when I opted for the '5-year' renewal and end up unable to 'renew to 10-year'??

    2) What do you mean by saying "If you opt to renew COE for 5 years, once it expires, you any time you decide to de-register your car and get back the COE pro-rata rebate, you can!"??

    You mean I still get to 'get back something, i.e. COE pro-rated rebate, when my 5-year COE expires??

    1. Hi Storm rider, thanks for the message. Actually what I meant was that I already opted for 10 years COE. So the article all the advantage is based on my 10 year COE.

      So if you opt for 10 year COE as a basis, you can still get back your COE pro-rata if you deregister.

      But if you opt for 5 years, you cannot extend to 10 years.

      My typo and poor grammar…. or copy and paste error.

      I have updated more clearly in the article.

      Nope if you opt for 5 year COE initially, after or on 5th year, your COE is down to zero.

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