Latest Updates – Portfolio, Market & Life

Portfolio Brief 
Cash – 45%
Precious metals – 35%
Bonds – 10% 
Stocks – 10% (current value) 
Excl. Cpf, Insurance and Property 
I had been very nonchalant on the stock market lately. In fact,
since last year, I had been cashing out gradually. Recently, I am placing more
emphasis in the understanding, learning and living the correct WAY OF LIFE
rather than just focusing on material wealth. 
Why cash out? 
Several reasons: 
Cashing out primarily due to my work. I will not go into
details, but so many people in the O&G industry had already lost their
jobs. So better be prepared and be safe rather than sorry. 
I do not wish to make any prediction ahead. No crystal
ball. But if we examine the current global market situation, every major market
is just “hanging on, with no clear sight of “bright blue sky”
In USA, many are turning to “what are the next moves”
from Fed. I think the Fed is in a shitty position. If they raise rate, it can
cause a mass sell off in the market. If they do not, they are indirectly
telling that the market condition is unfavorable. Either way, they can be
wrong! They are stuck! 
Then there are those turning to the upcoming new US President
for rekindled hope. I am outright sure that he/she cannot perform miracles.
Both candidates use a lot of lip services so far, nothing more! In fact, we all
should be really worried after the election! 
China. A country burdened with ballooning debts due to the growth
of the last decade. While the government still have many tools to fix the
economy with large reserves, the country’s economic health is weakened. China needs
to undergo a major “surgical operation”, after which she will rest in
“bed” for some time, before recovering gradually. It is only after
she going this phase, can she walk and then run again. It will take time. 
Japan. No way they will return to past glory. Whatever monetary
policies they are implementing now such as the one with negative rate, will
only transfer wealth from future to present. I pity the younger
EU. Same story as Japan. Time bomb in the monetary policy. 
S’pore. Just read the papers yourself, and hear from your
friends. Good or bad, your call! 
Lastly, the last market crash was 8 years ago. Question is how
long it lasts? 
So it’s clear to me that the market is not stable. And why
should my money in a platform that is not stable! Is it for the dividends that
may be eroded by capital loss? Or is it worrying about inflation eroding our
cash? By the way, where is the inflation? *Scratch Head*! 
My Life 
Never been better in life! 
I am thankful for the “invisible pointer” for me to be
prepared mentally and financially since early last year. Otherwise, I can be
extremely stressed out now (just like many of my friends), who started to see
health problems and frictions in family relationship. 
Health. No more medicines as I had thrown all away. Even my
chronic sinus was cured miraculously without medicine. Spiritual well-being
Family. Everyone is in harmony and I cannot remember when was
the last time there are quarrels or unhappiness in the house. 
Friends. Was elated when they celebrated my birthday for me
recently with high alcohol contents filing our bloodstreams. 
Work. Had been busy traveling recently. On paper, job is
secured, but nothing is guaranteed in months to come. I am very skeptical. Very
demoralized as well, with few projects in the market, and seeing so many people
lost their jobs. I
f I were to lose my job, I will be very happy too, as I will
embrace it as God’s will for me to spend more time with my family. And maybe
doing some part time job. 
Rolf’s final thoughts
Well we can lose our jobs or our money and it will be sad, no
doubt! But these are just material wealth, it’s not everything in life! It is
paramount that we NEVER bring our work issues back home resulting in
dissensions within the family. You do not want to end up losing your job, your
money, and even your family, friends or yourself (Health)! Do you? 
Of course for those who had piled up debts and significant
financial commitments due to reasons of pleasure, greed, ego or ignorance in
earlier years (good times), there can be little room now to resolve the
Hmm.. do not be over depressed. Maybe this is a test in your
life to humble you down! For every outcome, there is a cause. Review and
acknowledge the problem. Most of the time, the problem is “I”. 
The Latin word for “I” is “ego”. 
Personally, I had undergo so many painful lessons myself to
humble myself down. For confession, downgrading and repentance are painful in
the short run, it is always the better solution in the long run. Nowadays I
always say “thank God it happens” when I look back. 
Ultimately let the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, self-control be filled in our life
and be undefeatedable, unsinkable and indestructible. 

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17 thoughts on “Latest Updates – Portfolio, Market & Life

  1. From rag to riches to rag, you still can survive and prospers again.

    From riches to rag, most probably gone case lah.

    People who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, can't bear eating with bare hand.

    1. True. From riches to rag if not knowing how to let go without any spiritual dependence can be miserable.

      There is nothing wrong eating with bare hands! Whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated.But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and if is evil, it defiles a man.

      That is worst, even if you appear cultured and clean outwardly and eat with silver or gold utensils.

  2. Good to read that you are doing well Rolf. Peace of mind, harmony, and health are more important than wealth.

    1. Thanks UN. Peace and joy to you also. 🙂

      But peace and joy come with conditions. And one important condition is righteousness. How many are aware, belief and act on it?

  3. Hi Rolf,

    Looks like a good ending to the year 2016. Oct coming soon, then Nov and Dec. One year after another year, all we want is just happiness 🙂

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for your kind words. I hope that you and family will be blessed with happiness and abundance also.

      For me, a good year judging from spiritual, health and personal relationships terms and not monetary terms nor base on economy as work life has never been so bad in the O&G industry. All my friends and business associates are very miserable now and family relationships are strained and health affected.

      Anyway, good to still fish happiness from the bottom! Perhaps knowing and preparing for the truth some time back helps.

  4. I enjoy reading your post. It's good that you are prepared with cash reserves. Not many people have the luxury. Hence, no peace of mind for them. Well, we all know that oil will recover eventually. It seems like it will be a slow recovery over some years.

    overseas sinkie

    1. Hi overseas sinkie,

      Thank you and I hope it benefits you in one way or another. Heartfelt appreciation for your kind words.

      The problem of current times are pretty complicated and indeed will not recover soon.

      Anyway, no world peace does not matter. What it matters is to have inner peace, even when the world is at war! Easier said than done. Striving……

  5. I have always contemplated on the thought of investing in stock market, but my lack of knowledge on how it works is always the cause of delay. Even my friends from are very eager to give it a try if given the proper training and knowledge on how it should work.

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