July 30, 2021

15 thoughts on “Good Fruits in Life – Embracing the Truth (Part 1)

  1. Also have to note what the person says, for "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

    Half-jokes reveal a lot about the underlying attitudes of the person.

    1. Hi UN, if the heart and mouth is aligned, of course. But what good if the tongue is saying one, while the heart is for another.

      For if you have the true gut feeling, can't you tell eventually if the heart and lips are not aligned?

  2. This begs the question how much is D N A and how much is Nurture?
    Can Nurture really influnece DNA?
    If so to what extend?

    How about people who are born blind, mongoloid, spastic, developed brain disease (mental health problems)……etc

    How much nurture can help them?

  3. Gents,

    Thank you for the comments. Interesting thoughts, but it has drifted and the topic of discussion now is probably quite sensitive to be public here.

    Perhaps for this topic, it will be more appropriate to share face-to-face to people closer to us and who know us in person. And hope that in the process by improving their lives. And if it causes any form of bitterness, then the fault is from the one who share.

    So in this case, it is me who is in wrong. I acknowledge and apologize and I take most of the blame. I am truly sorry.

    As such, this will only be the first time I am going to delete legitimate comments by my fateful readers.

    In any case, I sense righteousness in the comments and may all of you be blessed!

    I am sorry once again.

  4. No ill feeling for me. yeah, I noe a little bit of u thru ur comment. 😉 likewise u noe my pattern also. I am sure no bitterness for Yaruzi also.

    It's good hear more n Just that topic may be sensitive in public.


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