The root cause of today’s world problems! How to be saved?

Is the world a becoming a much better place to live?
Yes, if you are more
concern about material success where personal pleasure pride and ego matters a
lot to you.
No, if you prefer
righteousness, compassion for others, peacefulness and joy.
If you belong to the
“No” camp, then this article will be relatively easier to comprehend. If you
are the “Yes” camp, hopefully this article can change your perception, even if
it’s effect is comparable to a mustard seed.
Is money root cause of all evil?
So what is the root cause of all evil? I am sure many will be say “Money” without second
NO!… Surprise?
Money plays a very
important part in our lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong working hard and
earning money for our living. Neither is having lots of money sinful in proper channel. 
It is the misuse of it that is evil. Take for example,
strength and wisdom are supposed to be good. However if we use strength to
oppress and enslave people, then it is not good. Likewise, if you use wisdom to
cheat, then it is evil. So it is the mis-handling of money that can be harmful. 
Furthermore, if you love
money so much that large part of your life is being dictated by it or motivated
by it, then it can be dangerous. This attitude towards material wealth is
normally prevalent when pride and ego prevails over humility and
Do not deny by the
lips that you are not over-indulging in money. Most are today. Search your heart and review your
actions TODAY. 
The root cause!
The root of all roots of evil is LOVE OF SELF.  
Most people are
trapped in a little prison called “self” within their heart. 

It is the love of SELF,
which makes you love MONEY so that you can buy self PLEASURES. 

The obsessive
love of self is the fundamental problem of today’s society. All other problems such
as immorality and ethical corruptions stem from it. 
Unfortunately, self-love
is a carnal nature in all humans. It is inborn and once it transgresses to ethical
corruptions, it will always get worse and is always irreversible. 
Therefore the sad
truth is that the world with the fleshy nature of human beings can only be
uglier and uglier. 

day, men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud,
blasphemers, and be rebellious to parents. More and more family and marriage
relationships will be broken. People will also be ungrateful and without
natural affection. There will be more slandering, unrestraint and fierce solely
for self-interest. People who do good will be skeptically despised upon. More
betrayals will take place even within close ones. Ultimately, people will be lovers
of pleasures more than anything else.

Who can help us?
So to whom should we
turn to when these evil doings take place? The masses will turn to their
government and politicians? Others will rely on scientific breakthrough? Or
doctors, lawyers, and the list goes on…..
Personally, I do not
think anyone have the remedy for the problems of humanity today? Perhaps, there
will then emerge one leader who claims that he/she will have the solution. The crowd
will then be mesmerized and believe in him/her. 
Let you NOT be the one being fooled, for his/her solution will be the
worst it ever done before. 

Like all evil things, it will only provide temporary goodness, but the permanent end result is destruction! 

When will be the perilous times?
So when will the
perilous times come? Nobody will know. Anyone who gives you a date/time, that person
is certainly a bluff. Do not listen to him! All we know is things will become
fiercer or brewing to become fiercer and fiercer, even during calm times.
How can things be
worse than WW2?
Wars have started
thousands and hundreds of years ago in different parts of the world and so many
people are killed back then. In the last century, the Great Depression and the
two World Wars were fearsome.
You may think how can
anything be worse than those events?
Yes, I agree that the
world has been calmer after World War 2. But this does not mean that the world
has been edified since then. Many more terrifying problems that appear good on
its cover have been looming behind the scene in the last many decades.
Just to name one – Globalization.
The advance in technology, internet, global monetary systems (with USD as
reserve currency) etc are making the world inseparable today. Globalization is
fantastic if the world is sanctified. On the contrary if the world is corrupted
rife with immorality, the effect can be undesirable.
How to be saved?
Any prayers for
things to turn out better will be useless. The problems will not go away. The
only thing you can pray is for you not to live in an era where the worst will
happen. However, for those who have descendants, this cannot be avoided. 

I am not negative and pessimistic. On the contrary, I am a very positive person. Just that, I am sure it is concrete that we will not be able to solve the problems of the world today. So don’t bother to waste too much time on efforts leading to its salvation! 

What we should do can be as follows:
Stay calm and do not to be frightened! We can still save ourselves and
people around us, if not the worldly problems.
Turn away from sins
Turn away from sins. So
what are sins? Greed, pride, self-centrededness, adultery, sexual immorality, impurity, lewdness,
idolatry, sorcery, hatred, causing dissent, jealousy, rage, selfishness,
heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, fervent carousing etc. 

Instead, be
loving to even strangers, caring, forgiving, peaceful, and patient. W
should infuse ourselves with righteousness, gentleness, goodness, faith,
meekness, and self-control for peace, joy and abundance will then follow. Give
more thanks and speak words of goodness over words of insult from the mouths. 

Many illnesses are also result of the aforementioned sins we committed or our past generations committed such that we are cursed. So don’t think that you are a law-abiding citizen, never committed any evil, or harm anyone, you are not sinful? Even your strong personal will, believing in yourself only can be big sin that can lead to sickness too! That is why so many people who always believe in “mind over body” eventually ended up in hospital. It is not a coincident or accident. It is self-created illness. 

Change your oldself
In order to do
above-mentioned, you have to stop loving yourself too much!
Let us not be
conceited. Be humble, for pride and ego is one of the biggest sins, many are
unaware. Stop doing everything to glorify yourself and make yourself the idol for others to satisfy your pride and self-centeredness. These attitudes will
cause downfall.  If sinned, confess and
turn over a new leaf. Proclaim your old self died! 
Faith and equipped with
knowledge of Truth
Equipped yourself
with the knowledge of the “Truth”. It is not just to make you wiser. Instead,
it is to make belief, be prepared, do the correct things, and most important of
all, lead the correct way of life. Have faith in your believing of the “Truth” for that can be overflowing with goodness, peace and joy. 
Spread the grace
Do not forget to
spread the grace and help people in need. Your spiritual well-being will be rewarded.
Rolf’s final thoughts
Lest not worry that
you are neither the richest, nor most famous or powerful, for the abundance in
life is righteousness with knowledge of the truth, faith, peace and joy. You
will then automatically be blessed with health and no lacking of prosperity.

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13 thoughts on “The root cause of today’s world problems! How to be saved?

  1. It’s not important to hold all the good cards in life. But it’s important how well you play with the cards you hold.
    Rolf, you appear to be an expert card player.

    Another question: Rolf, you mentioned several times before that one of the objectives of your blog is to leave a legacy behind for your kids to read and learn from. How do you make sure that they do read your 'most valuable' posts first? They might get lost in the vastness and depths of your multi-faceted sharings.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thank you for the compliment. I am definitely not an expert in cards. Yes, u remember correctly for the objective of the blog.

      Hmm… proposed methods…

      1) Short term:

      If the kids have an outing request with friends, always asked them to give at least 1-2 days notice! So, upon their request, u say "yes" on condition that they read one of the posts, and then the parent can go thru the meaning of the post w the kids. Use the opportunity of the article as a good excuse to talk to the children to build relationships. Contents is secondary really! Also, kids have amazing memory… one day in 10-20-30 yrs later, they will remember what the parents once said. It's all about honoring parents from kids! This is lacking in today's society where kids are becoming more rebellious due to parents only focusing on work!

      2) Long term:

      One day, I will probably take a sabbath from work for 1/2 to 1 year. That is the time where I will reorganize all my posts according to different subjects so that they can have a contents page..sub header..

      Remember my previous written post, H2F3 : Health, Hobbies, Family, Finance, Friends & Relatives. Definitely include Life in general such as how righteousness, integrity, compassion, love etc is more important in life that can lead to peace & joy Bla Bla bla and money is important for no lacking as well, need not to the richest really…

      Ultimately put it into proper syllabus teachings with parent home tutoring with kids, rather than spending lots of money on their enrichment taught by others.

      Hehe, hope this answer ur question!

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