PM Lee on verge of collapsing during National Rally!

I was watching PM Lee’s rally today, when I suddenly seen his face turned unwell as he speak.

Suddenly, he could not talk anymore, left hand jerking and body tilted to the side on the verge of collapsing.

The next moment, the TV screen turns to the crowd.

First it was Finance Minister… now it is Prime Minister.

Is this revelation?

Let’s pray that he will be well.

Let’s hope Singapore can overcome our problems ahead….

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23 thoughts on “PM Lee on verge of collapsing during National Rally!

  1. dont be so 迷信
    everybody will get sick. i also fainted few times in school. now still alive, so?

    will not die so easy. if can die so easy, i also want.

    1. Yeh, to be honest, I can counter every single sentence u written, but it will only arouse more emotions.

      perhaps sometimes the real problem is not the illness per se… it's our character.

      There is nothing to be worry about death. What worries us is when we are alive, we are not happy.

      I pray that you will be showered with all the love around you so is PM Lee and will not only be healthy but happy.

    2. Is it sometime while somebody express something opposite us or something which I dislike then we wil get emotion?

      I can feel you also. Well, I no deny I am emotional, but you are also not Saint. I am not come to find quarrel. I just want to share that while you give comment about somebody or something.
      You should open to accept to receive comment also, be it negative or positive. Else really not fair.

    3. Hi Yeh,

      of course u can, n of course I open to receive comments (unless abusive), otherwise comments here will require prior approval or deleted since I m the administrator here. Then i can dictate what comments I want it to be seen?

      I do not want that, bcos I want transparency. Transparency requires reasoning… and reasoning can arouse emotions… it is not easy.

      I just want to clarify so far my reply have never engage in personal attack, neither abusive nor my comments is not specific to one person.

      Neither had I ever went to other blog to cause vehement response and criticize others.

      But this is my blog and I cannot even say my true feelings here?

      I have to admit words of mine is strong and at times have piercing effect. The intention is to let people including myself to reflect deeper and if we are wrong, then repent, if not just ignore and dun visit anymore.

      I can ascertain it was really not because I wanted to win or be unfair. It really does not make any sense to do that. There were many times here in my comments box when I was wrong and I admit and apologize.

      However u cannot just force me to swallow something I seriously do not agree in my own blog here.

      I really hope u understand n maybe taking a break of financial stocks or blogs can do u good. Or maybe go for a vacation or staycation with ur loved ones!

    4. And yes, I agree with u that everyone falls ill, including our PM, but the rate of it happening in a stressed city is alarming.

      If u compares PM LKY who also went thru tremendous stress of survival, when did u hear about LKY collapsing or even hospitalized due to illness other than old age.

      Perhaps for LKY, that is his destiny!

      But if u look at LHL, how many times having cancer?

      I think he knows that and that is why he need to hand over his leadership but the problem is there are no able candidate now to take over him.

      And yes every humans are sinners, but I think in general Singaporeans are very kind hearted PPLE compared to many others I seen in other countries.

      Therefore we will be able to survive. But we cannot be over blinded by chasing wealth at the expense of love and care!

      I hope Sg will have a good future and I am we will if we do good as a country!

    5. Rolf
      Relax, I never force you to admit or swallow.
      I just want you to understand , respect other people view.

      Well, btw your last comment to me. Are you just trying to say I am too emotional or crazy. So I should just keep away myself from you guys? Or?

      Well, maybe you didn't mean so. But from what I read, I feel so.

    6. Hi Yeh,

      I drafted a very long vehement response than this initially. In the past, I will not care as long as I my clear conscience. However after second thoughts… I back off and will regret and look down on myself if I published that.

      I m no saint, n committed many sins in my life. I am learning to repent/review nowadays n reduce my sins. I just hope with my sharing, people can relate n maybe they can listen more clearly to their own inner voice n see the light.

      I respect every comments and appreciate my readers reading and commenting. I take heart and pride in my writing/responding.

      Maybe u say 说者无心,听者有心. But pls… be fair to me also, this is my blog. I should have the freedom of writing what I feel right in my own blog, as long as there is nothing unlawful in my writing, nothing personal, no abusive nor caused racial or religious disharmony.

      We already have enough of "politically correct" in today's life. Even in my own blog, I still have to do that and sugarcoat every comments?

      Is that really what the readers want?

      About respecting readers views, so far no readers have commented I disrespected them. Maybe they talk behind instead, but still, there is none openly until this episode.

      Bear in mind that I did not force anyone to visit this blog to read, let alone comment. Above all, I cannot control what readers want to think and feel after reading.

      Nor did I use any gimmicks of getting rich to attract, nor did I profit from the readers' visit. Even yes via ads, it is also nothing wrong. But I did not till today!

      Although I CAN control who to comment, but that is the last thing I wanted to do.

      Frankly, I already mentioned this blog is for people I cared I know personally and those who find it useful.

      But if it is harmful to you, then I apologized. I am sorry.

      Therefore my earlier suggestion is just an more polite way of asking you to abstained from reading what I write.

      Also, I just feel that the "money" coupled with our "traits" can most of the time be the fundamental source of most illnesses. I had that before, I realised it and repent and it cured me. Hence I just want to share with u this may work for u.

      I doubt doctors can cure this type of illness.

      Hence I just want u to turn more focus in ur daily life rather than the market or blog. Whether u believe it or not, I swear by God that deep down I pray that u will be illness free.

      Maybe my method is wrong, I m sorry.

      But I can vouch my heart is right!

      God bless you!

    7. Actually I wonder should I reply, maybe not reply is good.
      I replied and think that it may create more unhappiness.

      No need to write so Long to reply me. You are a nobody to me, sorry for my straight word. So your words I won't put in heart. Another way, I think I won't stupid and silly still because of a stranger words then affect my emotion.

      It is ok for people to misunderstand me, I don't mind and too lazy to reply to clarify. So I really have to clap for you to write so Long to me.

      You dunno me in real life and dunno what is about me. Really, rolf, don't assume. Thank for your kind thought. But dun assume. Well, Good to think in logical way, but also don't forget about people heart.

  2. Is so scary at that moment. Really praying for him. You forget to mention Mr Nathan. Their jobs are really not easy

    1. Hi KiKi,

      Life is too stressful nowadays. Our leaders are all too stressed up! The world is too stressed up! Our kids are also stressed!

      The only solution maybe is to shower this world with more love and grace and all humans should be more humble, grateful, and slow down in the pursuit of wealth, fame and power.

    2. Hi rolf

      Totally agree with your last paragraph. However this is not true. Actually Singaporeans are really not bad but in a stressful environment , they are turned into devil and forget to look out for one another

    3. Hi rolf

      Totally agree with your last paragraph. However this is not true. Actually Singaporeans are really not bad but in a stressful environment , they are turned into devil and forget to look out for one another

    1. Hi Yaruzi,

      Let's pray for him, Nathan and Heng SK!

      I am confident they will be fine because they are kindhearted people.

      In fact all Singaporeans are kind in general, just that we were overly blinded in all the material aspects of life in the last decade.

      We need more love and care for one another!

  3. The PM has 2 wishes, divine discontentment and count our blessing. Yin and Yang in harmony as Singapore flow through the course of her future.

    1. Siew Mun,

      M I right to assume u mean all diff races in harmony? Is this the divine discontenment u mean?

      The most impt thing for a diverse racial society to gel is to create a "shared objectives"! In the past, it was survival, now it is economic success… if the latter dun work, then we may need to think of other things…

      Quite tricky period now for Singaporeans esp with the external problems n ISIS etc

  4. Discontent enough to strive to always improve oneself. At the same time be grateful for what you have. Paradoxical – yin yang.

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