“Korea” herein means “South Korea”
It’s been over a decade since I last set foot in South Korea. This time,
it was business trip in Busan. Flight duration was 6-6.5h to Seoul Incheon airport followed by another 1h flight time to Busan Gimhae
Korea has a population of ~50 mil with capital Seoul having close to
10 mil people. If we include Seoul and the fringe provinces (known as Seoul
National Capital area), they will add up to close to half the entire S.Korea
population. Busan is the next largest city with 3.5 mil people. 
According to my Korean Agent, he will prefer to live in Busan than Seoul
due to the many more beautiful beaches and mountains in Busan. 
Then and Now
I was in Korea in the 1990s, 2000s and now 2010s. One of the major
changes I witnessed is the command of English. Most people today especially the
younger generation are fluent in English than in the past.  When
I was in Seoul in the 1990s, people walked very fast and bum in others without
apologizing. Now the walking pace slows and the South Koreans are generally
very courteous and service level is high. Streets are cleaner now compared to
more than a decade ago. There are laws to ensure smoking is only allowed in certain
location even in open areas on the streets. 
Nightlife is still buzzing in Korea. I was told most Korean people have short sleeping hours due to the vibrancy of the night. Many drinking sessions only
start after 11 pm even on weekday. 
Cost of
Things in Busan are relatively pricey just like in Singapore. There is a
10% goods and service tax applied across. For mid-tier restaurants and cafes in
cities, I estimate Korea to be 10-15% more expensive than Singapore. However I
reckon their quality, portion and service level is much higher than us. My taxi
fare of approximately 15km to the airport cost S$17.
Median salary, I was told is about S$40-50k per annum, quite similar to
I was also told that half of Korea’s population live in high rise buildings
due to the limited livable area in a mountainous country. Most housing are privately
corporation owned, typically 2-3 bedrooms 100 sqm just like Singapore. Housing
apartment outside city centre say 100 sqm is approximately S$500-550k +/-.
Cars are cheaper due to the local production. A brand new 2 litre
comfortable Samsung brand car my agent is driving is approximately $30-35k with
ownership for life. 
Refer here
for cost of living in Korea.
Although the data shows that cost of living in Korea is typically 10%
cheaper than Singapore, but these are figures aggregated across all cities. In
Seoul and Busan, it is likely to be higher. Furthermore, car and housing costs
tend to slant up Singapore’s cost of living.
Age in Korea is 1 year older just like in Chinese calendar. So if you
are born in 1990, you are not 16 years old but 17 years. On the streets, you can also see that Koreans are very fashionable especially the younger generation. Korean gals are very particular about their looks with almost most women dolling themselves up before going out on the streets.  
Education is very stressful in Korea and starts at age 7 (Korean age)
with 6 years of elementary school followed by 3 years middle school and 3 years
high school before matriculation into Universities if qualified. My agent
complain about the expensive education university fees of 6.5-7 mil KRW (~S$8-8.5K)
per annum, about 25% more costly than us.
At age 19 (Korean age), most guys will serve close to 2 years of army
just like in Singapore unless you are in certain courses/cases postponing the
National Service. In my hotel I also saw many US soldiers. In fact I spoke
to two US soldiers over breakfast. 
The United States had
substantial contingent of troops in South Korea since the 
 to defend South Korea in case of East Asian military crises. There
are ~28,500 U.S. Military personnel stationed in
Korea most of them serving one year of unaccompanied tours. 
Stressful life leading to low birth rate
Many youngsters find it hard to afford getting married let alone give
birth. Refer to a Bloomberg news article here.
One of my favourite business trips 
Overall, it was one of my favourite business trips. The work was intense
but it went extremely well. I was accompanied by great people with beautiful
weather albeit a bit hot at 26-32 degC. Food and leisure were well balanced

Welcome to Korea 

 At Seoul Incheon airport 


Set foot in Busan
The Hotel

Lotte Hotel 

My room

Facilities includes golf range, casino, shopping mall, pool, sauna, gym etc

My favourite toilet bowl
The Food

Beer and food for supper

Korean Kimchi & BBQ

Cold noodles

Korean pasta, salad and rice 

Korean steamboat
The Korean wraps

Rice paper
Soak the rice paper in water, then place on the bowl. Add the meat and vegetables before wrapping. 
The scenery 

The streets

The relaxation

Will not miss out my gym even overseas

Swimming, snacks and beer

Playing pool and darts

Soju – neat! 
The coffees and ice-creams

Spread the ice-cream and yummy!

The work 

Not mentioned and unsung here. The fact is we were with so little sleep leaving hotel as early as 0630h and meetings after meetings.

Time to go… Bye Bye!

Busan Gimhae airport

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8 thoughts on “Korea Busan Trip 2016

    1. Hi Yaruzi,

      U gg Seoul I supposed?

      More jackets, it will be cold end of the year.

      Hope u will have a fantastic trip.

      I will love to go there with my family also.

  1. Rolf,

    I miss my business trips 🙁

    Especially the "culture tasting" past in the evenings 🙂

    But I don't miss the crazy morning meetings starting at 8:00 am; the late night writing of trip reports; and the emails piling up when I return…

    Oh well. I guess I have to let it go.

    Different phases of my life 🙂

    1. Hi Jared,

      I am sure that is one thing u miss badly.

      Likewise, I had been traveling so frequently and intensively across so many countries since the beginning of my career, yet I never get tired of it! Especially when it comes to meeting new people/clients.

      Yes I also agree with you that travels make your work load piled up.. In fact for this trip almost every night we had teleconference in Hotel.

      The night only extended late with sleep compromised!

      For every positive, there is a negative! Yin and Yang.

      I think you already let go having already work in so many different countries for so many years. Therefore great to be back home and to settle down for more IMPT reason in ur life.

      For me, I will also have no regrets that I will need to give this up when the day comes…

  2. My travel to South Korea 3 years ago had to be cancelled because of prolonged search for the safe essay writing service and since then I still hadn't got a chance to go. But having looked at your pics I have the feeling like I was there too!

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