Spending too much time in helping others we hardly cared about

post is my compliment after reading a very well written post/comment by a
fellow blogger Andy of Tacomob. His article is:
means “taking care of my own business” by the way, and I will add on my
comments to some of the well-written verses mentioned by Andy.
Verse 1
“You will have noticed that
in all the above examples, the person thinking these thoughts is linking his
well-being to something someone else should or should not do, which obviously
is out of his control. It is the other person’s business to do or not do what
he needs to do, not yours.”
Rolf’s thoughts
reading, we may think that this is selfishness. However I interpret it to be more
like, focus on improving oneself so that we can lead by example. Then our
well-being can naturally be felt by others who need it. More importantly we
should show sincerity, love and compassion to others by sharing the truth at
least once. That is, even if there is strong revolt against us now, for one day
they may realize the truth, repent and right the wrong. 
Verse 2
To Tacomob means having the
courage to act instead of react.
Rolf’s thoughts
many times we had experience that “we knew it all along, but we did not do
anything prior.”
Verse 3
“I am convinced that one
has to take care of one’s own business and sort that one out first in order to
be able to fully take care of others…..when you say your business is ‘to care
for people you care’, then I would consider those people integral part of my
business as well.
What I am trying to say is
that we might spent too much time on helping other people who we hardly care
much about.”
Rolf’s thoughts
Andy, I am convinced that without helping ourselves, how can we help others? This
message is so strong in me that my blog name Rolf Suey means “Yourself”. And
you can only finally rearranged the alphabets to “Yourself” when you truly
know yourself deep down and understand the true meaning of life.
is just like an airplane instruction that during emergency, we adults help
ourselves first before helping the children. Moreover for more profound problems people faced, we need the knowledge
and resources to help others and not just helping with ignorance, which can
turn out to be worst.
relevant of all is Andy’s last sentence that we are even spending too much time
helping people we hardly care about.
time before we say we wanted to help, first ask yourself if you really care first?”


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11 thoughts on “Spending too much time in helping others we hardly cared about

  1. Hi Rolf,
    I am very humbled and honored that you picked up my little blog post and enhanced it with your meaningful thoughts.
    Looks like our philosophies of life are a wee bit aligned.

    1. Hi Andy,

      I should be the one thankful. After reading ur article, it cleared my thoughts about some of work related stuff I am having glitch about.

      My wife read also and commented that you are not only good in expressing ur points but in a manner that is so balanced without causing a big rant!

  2. Agreed. To be in the state of minding lesser others' "business" will be less stressful and worse is minding others' business with some performance level to be expected.

  3. The chinese have put it very nicely in a proverb: The buddha (made of mud) crossing the river; Have difficulty helping himself, much less to help you!

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