July 29, 2021

14 thoughts on “6 sentences that you’ll never hear from a successful Singaporean – Rolf’s comments!

  1. Hi Rolf,

    That is what "brilliant" people won't say?

    If I can have fun at a shot. What "brilliant" people won't do:

    Gossip about others. (Talking and analyzing people do not count, gossip like opimum give u a high for putting people down, or your self down, analyzing strengths and weaknesses are non-emotional)

    Slogan shouting. Some leaders think "culture" is cultivated or created with the mouth. That easy? Insulting who's intelligence?

    1. Hi SI,

      Hehe… hidden message within ur msg?

      Gossip is non-constructive! If it is constructive and can do any help then good, even if the help may not be current n one day he or she look back and realise!

      Word is very powerful as u can see how in US leaders are almost judged on.

      So u say US leaders not brilliant! Hahaha…

  2. In TAICHI, we are taught to learn to relax 7 to 11.
    Why ah…?
    Where is the wisdom?
    See whether you can to do it?

    1. Hi temp,

      Ur type of Taichi is too profound. Office Taichi is easier for me… hahaha. Just kidding.

      7am to 11am or 7am to 11pm?

      Please tell us the wisdom behind? 🙂

      Rest to walk further?

    2. Ha! Ha!
      i know only the "skin and hair" of Taichi.

      i can only make a guess.

      i think a man who can relax in any
      situations or circumstances (7 to 11) is the most powerful man among us.

  3. Hi Rolf,

    Yes, it's not my fault that I am so busy. I really had no more than 4 hours of continuous sleep each day for the past many months. It's bad luck that my baby will sometimes fall sick but I am not worried, things will eventually be ok.

    Truly, I am not successful haha.

    1. Hi Jes,

      The sacrifice of a parent! It's love and of course it's not ur fault!

      This is different from work and bear with it, it will be over just soon. U will see the fruits soon. During 1.5-4 years old, this is time where ur life will feel so brightens and warmth. Unforgettable memories.

      I m sure u r a strong mummy, and sure ur gal n u will be just fine!

      My prayers with u n ur kid.

  4. Hi Jes,

    Ha! Ha!
    Even 4 hours of sleep, still must learn to relax 7 to 11.
    How to relax ah…?

    1. Relax the mind? no matter what, the mother cannot be sick if the kid is sick.

      The benevolence of mother!

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