August 5, 2021

7 thoughts on “Rolf’s View of the World and Singapore’s Economy – The Artificial Harvest of the Past (Part 2 – continued)

    1. Not proselytizing, but just convinced about the truth.
      The truth is hardest to accept, even flintstones doubted!
      Follow my heart, and most of the time it is not what most love to hear!


    2. Hmm… SMK do not know what u mean leh!

      U mean character of Flinstone or Barney Rubble? Shorting rubble?

  1. The motto of the blog is the best one. When we read such articles as the one above, we also become the investors in our own financially independent future. Before our country starts living the Singapore’s economy, we’d better find out about instant loans no credit check now. Perhaps I didn’t understand some of the finance terminology. But I surely enjoyed reading Rolf’s thoughts on the subject. I will be waiting for more revealing Part 3 now. Final thoughts of the post are the most powerful and calling us to start thinking for ourselves.

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