Oil and Gas Companies’ Credit Woes – Who’s Next?

ASL, Ausgroup, Dyna-Mac, Ezion

Ezra, Falcon, Keppel Corp, Kris Energy

Mencast, Marco Polo

Nam Cheong, Otto Marine, Pacific Radiance 

Perisai Petroleum, SembMarine (Jurong shipyard), Swissco, Swiber


 Source: UOB Oil and Gas sector Update. 

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19 thoughts on “Oil and Gas Companies’ Credit Woes – Who’s Next?

    1. Hi FC – is it lips service or u really took action to short the counter?

      Always easier to say than action! hahaha..

      Beware that sometimes it's always the higher the predictability the lower the event taking place.

      I am not placing any bets on O&G anymore! Just be a good employee still collecting salary while people in the industry are gone by now!

    2. to be honest, i never shorted a counter before. i am usually long on it, or i dont touch it at all.

      my purpose of comment that is, i am hoping these event will weed out all those O&G companies that "cannot make it" and leave those who can survive the test of time.
      i dont really like lionel lee way of running the biz. (not saying i can do better la, just relatively to the other ceo's out there)

      have a great sunday! =)

    3. Hi FC,

      I understand what u mean lar. 🙂 just poking!
      U r not wrong! I may say same thing too!

      Being aggressive in growing is always a younger's CEO asset during the good times in comparison to the veteran. There were many praises of many young CEOs showing on the news during those times! Now of course more negative comments.

      Being an outsider when stakes are nil or low, it's always easier to make comments and justification when the results are already shown.

      The word "patience" in decision making is not as easily understood as we thought sometimes. It is not just in business but also in a career or family decision encircling an average person.

      Ezra already pledged most of the shares (that are still earning money) out to the banks. In effect, the banks are owning majority of the company now not LL. Nonetheless the Lee family still remains very much richer than average Joe. as I suspect (unlike what many do not know) did envisage the downturn and already started cashing out as much as they can before that to put the money in properties in Thailand.

      Whether it's just deserts or not? The shareholders still suffer the most, but only can have themselves to blame bcos everyone is banking on profits and who cares about feelings.

      But ultimately, I believed if we do good, we will be good and it's not whether the money-part of successful but as an entire person's life! Deserts can befall on ur family life and personal life!

      So after talking so much… still better do more good and be less greedy and less selfish! Good will come later! Be patient!


      Have a great Sunday too!

    4. haha.. ya, i know your style..
      you (and SMOL) always poking..

      they sold their sentosa cove bungalow as well..

      "better do more good and be less greedy and less selfish! Good will come later! Be patient! "

      i cannot agree on this more!

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Thanks for the information. I read that on my daily business times delivery too.

      Many people have left the company, Morale is very low! AMTC just a typical VC!

      For O&G companies to do well over long term, you need people who know the business. VC is good in buying distressed assets, package and sell. Just like when deutsche bank bought Jaya holdings after the GFC and sold it to Mermaid Australia.

      Now Mermaid Australia is feeling the pain!

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