August 5, 2021

18 thoughts on “Bridge of Spies – Worry? Would it help? Standing Man!

  1. From Secret of Old Age slides:

    If worries can cure your sickness, then go ahead and worry.

    If worries can prolong your life, then go ahead and worry.

    If worries can exchange for happiness, then go ahead and worry.


    1. Hi CW8888,

      yes yes yes. I went through the slides and already bookmarked it in my personal notes.

      The mind sometimes can be so strong, that it can determine if a sickness can heal or deteriorate.

  2. Watched it on flight as well. Very good movie. I admire the attention to details and wonder how they manage to get so many out of production cars to run in the movie scenes

    1. Hi My2cents,

      Yes, the focus on details were exceptional. Not just words but the expressions of the actors, esp Rylance's innocent look!

      The cars.. oh yes… after all it's Steven Spielberg who can make a dinosaurs come alive! So vintage cars shouldn't be too hard a nut for him to crack. 🙂

    1. Hi Ava,

      Yes. Rylance is the true unsung hero! Needing just few words to bring so much emotions out of me! Excellent movie!

  3. Hi Rolf,

    Wah, definitely have to catch this on the plane the next time! I love Tom Hanks' acting too.. but now, must catch Star Wars first, hehe.

    1. Hi Jes,

      Yeah… guess the movie screening of BOS is over. Watching on the plane is most sensible but need a flight one longer than 3h I think.

      Star Wars is the one to watch now. While I am not a big fan of Star Wars, I am sure I will not want to miss it.

    1. Hi Allen,

      When Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg join forces, something special must be brewing!

      Happy watching!

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