August 4, 2021

7 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Stay in Your Current Job – Real Life Examples

  1. Hello Rolf,

    Thanks for sharing these stories. I had contemplated quitting my job more than once over the years. It was because of the monotony of the job.

    But I never really pulled the trigger. It may be due to fear of the unknown. It may be because I am too comfortable in my current company. Nonetheless, I kept myself motivated and keep challenging myself to do the job well.

    Thankfully, my current boss is competent, understanding and fair. The management appreciates my contribution and for two years running, they have given me positive surprises.

    In my role, I interview candidates for my department. I have come across various reasons why candidates want to quit their current employer and work for my company.

    The reason I sympathize most is that the leaving company has a poisonous work culture – Unknown career advancement route. Retrenchment on the fly. No defined job scope. These are things which a person will not know, until he/she joins the company.

    For your readers who are contemplating on leaving, I hope they keep the above pointers in mind.

    1. Hi SRSI,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      In your current role having seen and here from so many candidates, perhaps, you are the most eligible to advise the readers. Definitely more than myself.

      Your personal experience is so valuable for us/readers to know. Thank you.

      Keeping yourself motivated is an uphill task and I am glad you manage to do that. Noted that now you also motivate yourself by starting to blog this year especially on REITs.

      You quoted “The reason I sympathize most is that the leaving company has a poisonous work culture!”



  2. Hi Rolf

    Thanks for the mention and a very interesting story all round by the different group of friends you had in your circle.

    Like you now, my criteria is to stay in a job where I am liked, progression path is clear albeit slow, flexibility in work style and work life balance. I have all those at hand currently with exception downside that I've got pretty much nothing to learn for anymore.

    Some people may choose to leave because of politics reason, some for money and some for career expansion. It's different expectations for different people. To me, an exit interview can be fully utilized by the HR to ensure that retention rate is kept high and attrition rate is kept low. Unfortunately most are only likely to chuck it one side ignoring them.

    Good stories and posts 😉

    1. Hi B,

      I just published part 2 only reasons why we should leave and one reason is job satisfaction. What is our approach.

      Without puncturing a hole in your nice Resume (by frequent job hoping)….once you have nothing to learn in the company, it can be dreadful. It depends also on how many years in the company. 2-3 years is not that long to see enough. 4-5 years allow you to see more things.

      At age group of 30-35, personally I feel venturing for exposure is important. Where you fall down (previous job failure), is where you get up! Not now maybe? but one day definitely …From the bottom of my heart, you should never stop searching again, despite earlier setback although it can be cruel to your kind-hearted current boss.

      Alternatively, maybe talk to them to assume more roles without asking for any increase in salary. I am sure they are more than happy to accept that.

      From 35-45 is where is starts to stable down and becoming more matured in work. I know you are different, because by then you already Grasshoppers Laughing, and financially free and no more working.

      Beyond 45 is where you love stability. Nothing to loose is better than nothing to learn!

      Exit interview is good when candidates tell the truth. In Singapore culture, hardly you find truths in interview. People are just too worried of offending. Therefore interviewer must be sharp in detecting body language when ask “poking” questions outside the norm.


    2. Hi Rolf

      Thanks for your advise.

      Given your situation by having a newborn baby, similar like me, I feel like a work life balance enable me to spend time with my family and blogging, which makes me happy. Of course the situation would hv been different if I was single.

      I guess sacrifices have to be made. Im probably still towards sticking to the current job for now but will see somewhere along the line a bit later.

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