August 5, 2021

12 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Resign Your Current Job – Real Life Examples (Part 2)

  1. Hi Rolf,

    I totally agree with the following statement you made:
    "Those who tell you that money is not important, only passion and job satisfaction are, is pretty much “bull shit” in our current meritocratic society."

    This is statement resonated even more once I grew older. I've talked to a few younger friends/acquaintances and some still have such idealistic work about passion and job satisfaction. I feel that most of them are usually from rather well-to-do background. I am not trying to over-generalise but this is from my experience. There are a small handful who are around my age who are still so idealistic as well.


    1. Hi Naro,

      Thanks for the comments. I agree with you. We must be practical. No bread n butter, how to talk about LOVE! Read one of my previous posts relating to passion here…..

      Excerpt below.

      "Many people say passion is the most important attribute to be successful. It is absolutely correct. To excel in what you do, you have to preserve in what you do. In order to preserve and overcome challenges, you have to have a lot of passion. Have you ever wondered "Passion of Christ = Jesus = suffering on behalf of people"

      Passion literally means “to suffer” in Latin. It is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

      Never misuse Passion for Excuse.

      Passion has to make economical sense.

      Passion has to be sustainable.

      You have to love what you do for many years or forever. It is not passion for 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years is considered too short. "

      Wish you and family a happy new year ahead. Good health and good health.


  2. Rolf,

    Wow! Got red, blue, green fonts… You took some psychedelic drugs didn't you?

    I think we have got similar mentors 😉

    Leaving to "escape" is not the same as leaving to achieve.

    If the problem lies within us, no matter where we go, we will still be miserable.

    Success is what we have to give up to achieve it.

    I can identify with you friend who gave up his job in China for the sake of the family/daughter.

    I've seen too many divorces during my tour of duty in Shanghai.

    That's the problem with silo vision goal settings and career planning. Plan this plan that, in the end, mess up the thing that matters most…

    1. Hi SMOL,

      You huh…always all the chim chim words. I had to google what is psychedelic and realise it is LSD.
      Seems from your blogpost comments of Cash Vs Net asset, you guys are very familiar with Geylang. LOL….Maybe can check if LSD can be avail there?

      I color blind, I can only see all black….hahaha.

      Those who end up in divorce after going Shanghai forget to wipe their mouth after eating! Law of conservation of mass/energy. The gain has to be lost somewhere!

      Plan to clear the Mess eventually!

      Tomorrow New Year Eve, it’s time to plan!

      Ciao for now. Hahaha


    1. Hi LC,

      This post is founded by you. Without your questions in the previous comments, I will not have written this.

      I have to thank you more!

      Wish you a successful and happy career ahead in 2015 and many more thereafter.

    2. Rolf,

      These two parts are excellent autopsy! I am glad of my decision. There are many points you raised which I agree and relate totally. This morning, I share this link to a friend who is harboring bye bye company thoughts. I hope it will benefit her too.

      I have bookmarked!

      Thank you once again! Wish you a fantastic 2015 and looking forward to many of your wonderful postings!

    3. Hi LC,

      Thanks for the forwarding. 2015 in economical terms as a whole not so favorable, so hopefully after deep thoughts she makes the right decision, irregardless the outcome.

      Meanwhile, I wish you splendid 2015.

  3. Hi Rolf

    This is one of your best posts I've read in your blog. I gotta bookmarked it in case I need to show to other people who need it.

    Your boss is definitely right. Many times we do not review ourselves enough and we are seeking to move to run away from our problems. Not long enough the same problem will occur again in the new company.

    Many times people has mistaken a a manager role to be a better individual role. But a manager real role is to managing people. Training people and people management are one of the hardest to do in a corporate world. There needs to be a balance between the two.

    Very good post.
    Thank you

  4. Hi B,

    I already fell off my music chair!  Hope others manage to finish reading before sleeping, if you show them.

    Ah….now you know why you are one of my favourite bloggers. LOL.

    My wise ex-boss, “eat salt more than I eat rice, walk bridge more than I walk road”. Exposures and experiences always create a clearer mind.

    There was once, I use to think that I am young, smart, and result oriented, and can work until 3am each day! All the old managers only talk talk talk and no work and yet get so high salary. I always think that a company does not need too much of all these people.

    I am WRONG. First I was hospitalized after working so stupidly hard forsaking my health! Second, their experiences do makes a difference positively in times of making critical decision, whereby the results can sometimes outweigh my sacrifices of sleep!

    As for the manager, you are right. Manager is to Manage….. 

    Note however I highlighted “In an ideal company comprise of good management with integrity…”

    Different situation use different rules. If the manager’s boss is not the “real manager” and only want you to get the results (department gains over company gains) and not so much on the grooming of subordinate or have good inter-department relationship, then I am afraid all your effort in grooming and motivating will not be recognized by this boss. Worst, he will say why are you wasting all these time and not focus on the tangible results!

    Unfortunately for me, my current boss is not the “real manager!” I had to adapt, facilitate and balance. Not easy…..SURVIVAL…. ! 家家有本难念的经!Assume you read Chinese.

    Now 新年快乐! Hahahaha

    1. "CreaeWealth8888 said: "I agreed with Frank. Never gamble. I don't do professional gambling like trading FOREX where there is no assets involved, you are basically playing professional poker game with your retail forex brokers. I like to take risks with stocks that are paying regular dividends that are better than CPF rate of 2.5%,and prefer blue chips that our government has a hand or leg in it and if necessary the government men will kick the asses of those management."

      Listen to the master!

      You are your boss's boss outside office hours. Hahahaha..

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