Who Has a Better Life – Entrepreneur or Salaried Staff?

I was
having coffee with an ex-business competitor. We known each other for years. He started his
own company few years ago with the help of several investors (influential ones!).

“Running your own company is very tough
and you can never know what I went through”
– he lamented repeatedly, seemingly wanted me
to acknowledge, which I did. I further consoled him that’s why he is the Boss
and I am just a
(salaried employee)!
He further
complained that he should have stay on as a salaried staff, having good life,
no stress, lots of time and money like me! Duh! Not true especially on the
money part. 
Envy or Soured Sarcasm? Not sure, but sense that his business is not as lucrative and as glamorous that it may seem. 
He went on
to say “But I never regret leaving a
salaried job to start my own company.”
Duh, Contradictions!  
Was further
told that he aims to quickly earn his millions and lead a relax life
“like me!”. Then he can relax and be carefree each day, “LIKE YOU!” – he
emphasized again.  
Was wondering to myself “me relax and carefree? He really knows me well? Maybe not such a bad thing afterall for me to be so good life!”

I smiled
and explained that
“Different Strokes For
Different Folks!”
  SMOL I borrowed
your phase!

Stay Happy
I told him. Then again, he replied “I am very Happy Wor!” 

Rolf’s View
In a
competitive society like Singapore, it’s so frequent that people compare success
in terms of material or career. I always think that,
人比人气死人!” It
means “When you compare against peers, you only anger yourself more.”
Who has a
better life. Employee or Employer?  I am
not so concern.
What I am
more concern is Living Life with a Purpose! To me, knowing what I want,
setting goals and striving towards it, is more important. 
It is about
the heartfelt gratification receive when you reach the finishing line. 

Compete against yourself and not others Undoubtedly, I think its more meaningful “winning” over yourself than “win” against your peers and tells him (or hint) that
you are more superior.
stress, and financial challenges are part and parcel during the journey. Our
mindset need to be right from DAY ONE when we start the journey


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16 thoughts on “Who Has a Better Life – Entrepreneur or Salaried Staff?

  1. Hi Uncle CW,

    My buttock is V-shaped as mum used to say, I am a monkey that cannot sit still in office. I need to run around.

    By the way, what do Horse, Cow and Pig signify in office?

    I only know in workplace, sometimes there can be alot of "Cow, Ghost, Snake, God 牛鬼蛇神!Just have to beware! Do not worry, I am old bird in politics liao!

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Hahaha… It's so funny!
      I am horse, because I am born in the year of horse.
      But I am slowly becoming a pig. And trying very hard not to let the farmer know.


  2. Rolf,

    Imagine I go round like your ex-business competitor, "complaining" that I envy those with a day job… About the unbearable lightness of being…. Must crack my head to find things to do….blah, blah, blah….

    A bit like that tai tai complaining how busy her day is – got facial appointment, gym, high tea, ballroom charity gala… Oh, those working women have a "much simpler" life!

    Give me a kick will you!? What an ass!


    We get all kinds fishing for compliments or sympathy.

    Walk our own paths – you don't disturb me; I don't disturb you.

    P.S. I stole this Different Strokes for Different Folks from a US sitcom in the 80s 🙂

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I prefer the rich tai tai complains to me than you. I worry I kick your ass and lick their ass Pui pui pui..lick their boots I mean. Still Pui Pui Pui LOL haha.

    Our society has fast becoming a society of complains – I complain!

    I choose Compliments over Complaints!

    Different cane for different animal… Hahaha


  4. Is this a genuine quality of an entrepreneur? Some are extraordinary pioneers but others are most certainly not. A few pioneers are not incredible entrepreneurs either. This could be a decent "chicken or egg" banter about.useful site

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