July 23, 2021

16 thoughts on “Who Has a Better Life – Entrepreneur or Salaried Staff?

  1. Hi Uncle CW,

    My buttock is V-shaped as mum used to say, I am a monkey that cannot sit still in office. I need to run around.

    By the way, what do Horse, Cow and Pig signify in office?

    I only know in workplace, sometimes there can be alot of "Cow, Ghost, Snake, God 牛鬼蛇神!Just have to beware! Do not worry, I am old bird in politics liao!

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Hahaha… It's so funny!
      I am horse, because I am born in the year of horse.
      But I am slowly becoming a pig. And trying very hard not to let the farmer know.


  2. Rolf,

    Imagine I go round like your ex-business competitor, "complaining" that I envy those with a day job… About the unbearable lightness of being…. Must crack my head to find things to do….blah, blah, blah….

    A bit like that tai tai complaining how busy her day is – got facial appointment, gym, high tea, ballroom charity gala… Oh, those working women have a "much simpler" life!

    Give me a kick will you!? What an ass!


    We get all kinds fishing for compliments or sympathy.

    Walk our own paths – you don't disturb me; I don't disturb you.

    P.S. I stole this Different Strokes for Different Folks from a US sitcom in the 80s 🙂

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I prefer the rich tai tai complains to me than you. I worry I kick your ass and lick their ass Pui pui pui..lick their boots I mean. Still Pui Pui Pui LOL haha.

    Our society has fast becoming a society of complains – I complain!

    I choose Compliments over Complaints!

    Different cane for different animal… Hahaha


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