Planner Bee App – A Better Way to Track Your Financials

Last week, I wrote an article on how I have been tracking my financials for the last 8 years.


My Financial and Net worth Tracking from 2013 to 2021


The “old school me” has been using all excel sheets. While it is a feasible, there is also a lot of hassle ensuring all the excel formulas are correctly linked and edited during updates. One careless mistake made, many sheets/cells will be affected and precious time will be loss in the troubleshooting and correction.

A better alternative for your financial tracking is to use Planner Bee App that is also integrated with your insurance policies. And the download is totally free.

The tracking is more conveniently done on your mobile with links to financial institutions that make it somewhat automated. The display is definitely more beautiful “for your eyes” compared to my excel sheets. More of the features are described at the end of this post.


For readers who know me over the years, I have never done any sponsored posts before in my more than 7 over years of blogging. NEITHER IS THIS ONE SPONSORED from Planner Bee.

The only one closest to a that is perhaps moomoo. That is also NOT a sponsored post. The moomoo article is really for my friends or any readers who wanted to have a trading platform and yet can enjoy the rewards moomoo is giving away free. I do get a referral fee from the moomoo SPECIAL LINK download, but thus far it is mainly for my friends.

I personally think it is really a good deal to sign up moomoo. That is why I agree to write for them. I have several trading platforms and moomoo is the easiest and quickest to set up, with many features that important for me. One feature I love the most for US stocks is the real time BID/ASK queues.

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Likewise, I decided to promote Planner Bee on my blog here because I think it is really admirable good work for a start up without any financial funding support. And the whole platform is neat, organised and nice.

Prior to this article, I also communicated with Planner Bee founder, Ms Cherie Wang to understand the background and the intent. You can read more about Cherie in this interview link here.

To have full disclaimer, Cherie did not ask me to write this article. Her request is only for me to include Planner Bee link on my website and for me to download the App.

It is totally my own decision to write this article, because I find her intent extremely sincere and she is passionate in her work. Her zest in wanting to bring financial knowledge to the public also resonate with me.


Anyway, more on the Planner Bee App information and features can be found as follows. 

Download App here: iphone & Google Play

  • The app is created to help people manage their money with less effort compared to an extensive excel sheet (some may have no idea where to start as well).
  • It is a one stop app to manage expenses, budget, manage insurance policies and investments, and learn about personal finance.
  • With 11 bank connections, including DBS and UOB the most popular banks, users can sync their accounts including mortgages into the app.
  • Income and expenses are automatically categorised into 33 categories so it makes budgeting easier too
  • Insurance policies are classified once the sync is completed to give a summary overview of a person’s coverage. Details of each policy is also converted into easy to understand format.
  • This helps users to track their insurance payment dues too.
  • Planner Bee is integrated with Singpass, this is in preparation for the new feature that helps users assess their insurance needs automatically.
  • All data is read-only and Planner Bee does not support live transactions at this moment.
  • Planner Bee also provides a product marketplace where they list the overview of each product class side by side with each other for users to shop.


If you are wondering how safe is, all data is read-only, and Planner Bee do not save your login IDs or passwords. Planner Bee cannot move money in or out of your account and definitely cannot make changes to your insurance policies too. Planner Bee operates on a one-time, read-only access and simply downloads the transactions on your behalf. For some banks, a new One-Time Password is sent to you every time you login for security reasons. Upon successful login, the latest data will be securely retrieved.

All Financial data is stored and securely encrypted in the cloud and Amazon’s data centres.


Below are examples only. Data are arbitrary included.





































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