Rolf’s Portfolio Update – End March 2021


Due to the stock rout in February and March and falling gold and silver prices, my overall portfolio value fell 6%. However my cash position increase slightly from other sources and with higher USD to SGD exchange rate, overall net fall in portfolio is limited to 3%.

As for portfolio mix, there are not much changes since last update from End January (click here). I am still holding on to ~75 percent shares and 25 percent cash – bonds – metals.




My tech component saw its rout in the last two months affecting mainly my China tech stocks. My Tech mix fell by 2%. On the contrary REITS rose by 1%, and O&G rose 0.6% since end of January.




Since my last update, I sold off Raffles Medical at losses, but recovered the losses by selling HKSE renewable stock GCL-Poly Energy (3800) at double bagger. I bought into SEA Limited and stake in it increase from 3.5% to 6.7% of my overall portfolio.




In my last portfolio update on 26 Jan 2021, I closed the article with “How long can stock keep rising?”

Indeed in less than one month after that, Market is bearish until recently. Tech and Growth Stocks started to tank, although STI started to climb more than 8% to as high as 3200 recently driven by the three main banks in Singapore and also recovery stocks.

But why did tech and growth stocks fall even when the market is cheering for the vaccine drive and recovery optimism?

With improved economic outlook, investors expect a rise in inflation and US Treasury yields is rising. Rising yields is slowing the rally in technology and growth stocks as investors are worry about the rising debt costs for these companies.

On the contrary, higher yields have lifted financial stocks and accelerated a rotation of funds into other Covid-beaten sectors.

You may be wondering, will stock prices continue to rise or fall in the next quarter?

I am not overly concern, as I intend to stay unaffected with little or no action. But if there is a significant rise in stock prices, I may cash out profits to stay with more cash. Personal preference!



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2 thoughts on “Rolf’s Portfolio Update – End March 2021

  1. Hi Rolf, your overseas shares are purchased thro custodian broker acc of Singapore?

    Or directly overseas? I worried about custodian acc, Do u

  2. Hi SI, apparently I do have the concern like u mentioned. It is under custodian broker Lim & Tan although my broker tried to assure me that MAS approved brokerage in Sg is v safe.

    Otherwise you can transfer ur shares to DBS (not vickers). DBS have their own trading platform. But I think u need to check their fees if they are more ex?

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