What you should do if not investing in stocks? 2015 Versus 2020

Exactly 5 years ago on 24 Oct 2015, I written the below post. 

What you should do if not investing in stocks?

Let’s see what has changed 5 years later. 
2015 – a year to be forgotten
The horrendous sell-off in equity was a result of China’s devaluation of the yuan due to economy slowdown. The STI benchmark was not spared. From above 3500 points in April, it dived below 2800 points in the month of September. My stock portfolio shed considerable weight as well.
2020 – Definitely a year we will remember for a long time to come, but for the wrong reasons! 
Covid-19 pandemic wreck havoc, and the fastest plunge and rise of the stock market took place this year. 
On the contrary to 2015, I created my stock portfolio this year after waiting for many years! 
2015 – Fewer activities in stock! 
2020 – Action pack activities in the stock market! 
From 2016 to 2019, I was very quiet in stocks and blogging because in that four years, I read the entire bible countless times “head to tail”, written summary on almost every book, memorised countless verses, and read many other related books and videos. I also wrote countless articles and circulate within my inner circle. He made me a better person. In the process, I also become an instrument to help many people around me. 
2020 – No travelling due to Covid-19! 
2015 – Started meditating – find inner peace!
2020 – Replaced meditating with prayers and bible reading – find inner peace!
2015 – Burst training – anti-ageing! Dr Pompa!
Remember, “Fats isn’t bad in itself. It is the inability to burn fats, that is bad!”
2020 – HIIT training. Core and abs training! Anabolic Aliens and Pamela Reif!
Guess my body is more sculpted than 2015, though still far from expectations! 
2015 – More focus in work 
While my industry is getting quieter with lesser new projects, I continue to be relatively busy at work. Visiting clients, overseas colleagues visiting, traveling, internal training, conferences etc, still take up bulk of my time. I reckon this is the best time that I can deepen my relationships with clients and colleagues.
2020 – Work Uncertainty!  
Market is even worse than 2015 Oil crisis. Same as 2015, we will be experiencing retrenchment, but this time in a bigger scale. One thing stay unchanged for me is to continue to visit clients, business associates and stay connected with overseas colleagues to maintain / develop relationships! 
But one unusual sign is that both year 2015 and 2020 are my better year in terms of earnings! 
2015 – Stay engage to the financial world 
2015 is a dismal year, but we should never be disappointed and completely detach ourselves from the stock market going forward. Instead, I continue to read financial news each day. In the morning, I read Business Times and Today. At night, I watch Bloomberg TV and find time to read financial blogs/articles. During travel, I also read books.
2020 – Stay engage to the financial world 
No change. I still read my Business Times and Straits Times every morning. Every night I read Yahoo Finance news.
2015 – Other financial products
For me, this is also a good time to set sights or learn other financial products. For instance, I bought Singapore Savings Bonds which I think it is a great financial instrument. It gives almost risk free return of > 2.5% over 10 years. Precious metals are also catching my attention. 
2020 – Experiences in other financial products
In 2016, after my earlier research, I invested heavily in Gold and Silver and it became my biggest investment portfolio until this year, being replaced by shares. In early 2019, I invested in Bitcoin followed by Ethereum!  
2015 – Create a stock watchlist and plan before market plunge
2020 – Market already plunged! 
I created my new investment portfolio. Read: How to INVEST NOW and CREATE a Portfolio?

2015 – One thing lead to another – New tap of income!
I became a freelance writer to generate an additional “tap” of income!  


2020 – Blogging Income
I received meagre income from my blogging. Still, I am thankful to Google Adsense! I am still writing after 5 years!


2015 – Rolf’s H2F3
Ultimately, I am still very focus to have a balance H2F3. Read my earlier article here (2015) on what exactly is Rolf’s H2F3! Family time with my kids is extremely important.
2020 – Rolf’s H2F3
5 years later, I am still very focus to have a balance H2F3. Read: Rolf’s Updates – My Priorities in Life – Health, Finance, Family, Friends & Hobbies – 2020 3Q.


So there you are! 5 years just flew by like that! 
In the last 5 years, the fundamental things haven’t change too much for me! 
However, I reckon I am better person now and definitely more matured in handling matters in life. I am also more experienced in my financial and investment skills. 
Last but not least, the most wonderful thing that has happened is the new addition of my “son” to the family compared to five years ago. Praise God that our family and close friends are all still intact! 


How about you? How is your 2015 compares to your 2020? 




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3 thoughts on “What you should do if not investing in stocks? 2015 Versus 2020

  1. Hi Rolf

    From what I read, is a wonderful 5 years.

    I wouldn't dare to do such a post. But maybe I should to take stock. I think I am much worse off but still very thankful for whatever that happens …

  2. Hi SI,

    Why not? It is good to look back on our own post to see what we have changed and what we have not!

    It is always more fantastic looking back the 5 years than when it you are going through it. Just like army?

    Haha… how can you be a hermit when you still work everyday meeting so many people?

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