Rolf’s Updates of Recent Stocks Buy and Sell (Oct 2020) – Reasons

Took leave today and have some time to wrote this update for September and October.


Sinopec 386  – 3.06
Added more of Sinopec. Read: Which Listed Oil Companies Should You Buy?

NetEase 9999 – 134.5
Already owned NetEase earlier because of my belief in the future of gaming business, due to the new generation’s transformation. Added more shares, when price tumble below the 140 mark. Of lesser important is that I like the stock code, 9999!

Has not buy any US Tech stocks due to the uncertainty of Trump-Biden outcome. Will wait until after election.

Fraser Centrepoint J69U – 2.32
Applied for the rights at 2.34 and added more when it falls below the “rights” price.

SPH Reit SK6U – 0.79
Bought into SPH Reit again after price goes below 0.8 which I think is cheap. I took profits at 0.87 on average, previously. I am looking at recovery due to GRI 80% Singapore and 20% Australia, since Covid is relatively well controlled in these two countries. Committed occupancy is 98%.

Starhill Global Reit P40U – 0.435
In my view, SGReit is too cheap to ignore with a P/BV of 0.53. Committed occupancy is 96% and geographical footprint of GRI 64% Singapore, 24% Australia, 10% Malaysia, 1.6% Japan is, suited for Covid recovery, as these countries have better Covid management than the rest of the world. The only slight concern for me is the 39.7% gearing, but this is well compensated by good property assets, of which mostly are freehold and have a decent lease lifespan.

Gold O87 – 179
Added more Gold to hedge against stocks, and possibly depreciating USD due to stimulus?

Alphabet GOOGL – 1600
Took profits off Google. I am less bullish on the Ads business compared to Cloud business of Amazon and Microsoft!

Pinduoduo PDD  拼多多 – 91
Took profits for portfolio reallocation. Will re-buy if price drop, as I am confident about PDD future especially in the agricultural space rather than E-commerce space competing with Alibaba and Also bear in mind that share price slump to 70c in early October, and I am waiting for such opportunity again. In anycase, PDD is yet to be profitable, meaning still have ample of opportunity to buy.




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2 thoughts on “Rolf’s Updates of Recent Stocks Buy and Sell (Oct 2020) – Reasons

  1. I like the US stock, but not the SGX, especially Thaibev, hope u just bought it, lot of gy are sitting on heavy losses here and many SGX stock.I was lucky to sell SGX and move to US stock in late April on advise of my broker and am now sitting on 130% profit even after today sell down. Will be looking to buy more FB, GOOG and Amzn tonight, I think should not wait for after election to buy nasdaq, by then it will be too expensive, this sell down offer cheap discount, and i am buying the dip. Presidential election is always volatile and market usually contiue higher after election regardless who is President if u refer to history. Thanks for sharing.

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