My Wife Found a Better Job in Less than 2 Months – With My Advices! (Part 1). Her ex-Company Asked Her to Take 50% Paycut!

Last month, I wrote about my wife’s company (ex now) asking her to take a 50% pay cut. In fact, my wife clarified it’s 60 percent pay cut with pressure to sign the new agreement immediately. And because her role is mainly to manage projects, the workload is the same, from backlog orders concluded earlier.
My advice: Outright resignation!
Refer to my previous article below on the rationale why I wanted her to resign immediately and not to sign the new employment letter, with reduced salary.

Within less than 2 months, she found a new job. It was really a miracle and we thank God for it.  
Three companies interviewed her, with all three signalling to offer her. Who will have wondered that  just 2 months ago, my wife was still feeling very dejected and worry about expenses. I even reprimanded her for wanting to continue to stay on the job which she worked for 12 years, and despite the drastic pay cut, she had a very unreasonable boss in the past few years. To add on to that, she had super heavy workload for the past decade, often returning home late and can be as late as 2-3 am. I comforted her that she can definitely find a new job. I told her to gather her confidence and have no worries to look for the best job! Confidence helps in job seeking. Desperation and fear only worsen everything! I also told her that I can still afford to feed her and the family, even if she lose her job!
Her new company is a Global market leader in the industry. In the past years, it had reported more than USD 1 Billion of sustainable net income.
Her new role is in the digital and real estate segment. Perfect, in my opinion. Correlation in her previous jobs is probably 50 percent! The role also require a lot of creativity as it is a new digital product in this region.
The icing on the cake was that, instead of paycut which we were mentally prepared for, she has a 15% basic pay raise. This is excluding potential bonuses. Was told bonus is norm except this covid year. Also, the higher income was without the hassle of any sorts of negotiation.  My wife’s ex-company, rarely seen even 1 extra month of bonus for most times. Yes, 13th month is alien for her!
Not just that, her reporting line is in Australia, with a super friendly boss. Her office is new and super nice in Singapore with the company employing more than thousand in SG. Team bonding events are also common culture, seen in the company webpage.
Less than one week after employment confirmation, her new boss took initiative to inform her that the computer and essential have been arranged. Furthermore, an email was sent internally cc my wife’s private email, introducing her. Many new colleagues also replied to welcome her, including the company’s top boss.
That said, I am not inferring that it will definitely be a great company, or she having a great boss or the perfect job! Every company has their own plus and minus. However, it is a promising start. In any case, I myself, never have similar good starting experiences in all my jobs. Also, at least it is much better than taking 60 percent paycut with increased workload.
Anyway, below are my advices to my wife, and details on the applications and interviews, before she secure the job, in this very difficult economic environment.
Resign on a good note – send a courteous farewell email
My first advice is for her to resign in a good note. I asked her to drop a courteous and well written email to all the current and ex-bosses as well as colleagues, informing about her departure. Be peaceful and maintain good relationships with all colleagues, including those you hated or have hated you! Haha.. I am just kidding as she do not really have enemies. You never know that one day, you may still go back to the old company, or meet your ex-colleagues in a new company. Even if it is not meant to be, it is still better to leave in a good note. 
Her MD persuaded her to stay. Many ex-colleagues called and emailed her, both locally and globally. She continue to work very hard until her last day, to the displeasure of her husband. Nonetheless, she was rewarded with many warming farewell meals.
Do not complain
My second advice is not to complain about the company. In the new job interviews, focus on the topic of 60 percent pay cut, and also telling interviewing companies, it was husband’s advice and insistence for her to leave. Do not nit-pick all the faults in your ex-company or ex-bosses in your new job interviews. Most companies should be understanding of her resignation because of the MICE industry she was in.
Get good testimonies
My third and most important advice, is for her to request from former bosses and some of the C-Level colleagues for good testimonies. I had previously wrote Testimonies or become references for many of former subordinates, and it really help them to find new jobs. Thank God, my wife received a few very well written testimonies by her ex-boss and C-level colleague, and I felt that this really help her to secure her new job. 
Update Linkedin & Resume, get a nice recent professional photo
Immediately after her resignation, she use my Linkedin and Resume format as reference to update hers. This is so important!  After the update, and before application of jobs, I vetted them. I told her to put a more recent, and more professional photograph that is not dramatically different from how she look. But, she insisted her old one is ok! I do not think so though, but I respected her. Apparently in one interview, her interviewer said that she actually appear better in real life than the photo. See…. listen to your husband! Lastly, attach the good testimonies from ex-colleagues/bosses.
Apply via company website, and Linkedin
For her position which is relatively senior, I told her NOT to start with “jobstreet” or “jobsdb”, or “monster”!  Instead, focus on Linkedin, as well as reputable job recruitment companies. For e.g. Michael Page, Hays, Randstad etc. Given a choice, actually it is better to apply directly with the company and deal with the company HR direct. And also give more attention to recruiter or recruitment agency who are more professional. To me, good companies hire better HR personnel, or recruitment agencies, who are more polite and friendly and have better talent acquisition skills and etiquette.
Pray genuinely and do charity
We prayed for the right job, not according to materialistic means, but according to righteousness and God’s will. In other words, suitability and sustainability and most importantly, to be able to sow good seeds from our own good behaviour. Furthermore, despite her loss of job, I never withhold spending on charity. I believe that, the tougher the situation we are in, the more we must do good to the society. I am very confident she can find a new job quickly. This is because of her 12 year stay in her last job and with good testimonies from colleagues.  Moreover she have no choice but to leave her current job, which is in the MICE industry, and most interviewing companies will understand she is not a job-hopper!

In the next Part, I will continue to write on her job applications and interviews, and how we decide that the above-mentioned job is the best choice. Stay tuned.

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24 thoughts on “My Wife Found a Better Job in Less than 2 Months – With My Advices! (Part 1). Her ex-Company Asked Her to Take 50% Paycut!

    1. Hi SI, thanks. I also hope so too she enjoy. New job is always more challenging, especially after so many years in the old job.

      Fingers crossed.

    1. HI FI35, not sure we will be better, but one thing we are very sure, is, God provided this job, otherwise it cannot be so smooth and fast.

    1. Thanks Kevin. Just the beginning and lots of hardwork later. Anyway, lots of uncertainty in career. Always must be mentally prepared.

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Really glad for your wife. All the best for her new career!

    I think you have written a great post to shed light for those who are looking for new jobs.

    1. Hi Rainbow gal, actually her most ideal career is "housewife" but after discussion, we felt it is still not the right time now.

      Yes, actually this post is to encourage those who are looking for new jobs, not to give up hope!

      And really hope more Singaporeans will not be going out of job. Life is not a stroll in the park in Sg.

  2. There is truth in this saying. When one door closed; another door opens.

    Congratulations on your wife on her newly open door!

    1. Hi Bro CW, 坏的不去,好的不来!But still wait to be see if it is good one.

      Every company has their own problem, I also pre-warned her to be mentally prepared.

      Thanks for the well-wishes. Bless by God really, not our effort.

  3. Brolf! congrats! indeed, even in this period, has to be Jehovah Jireh!

    haha, funny. you know what, i always advice the same time to my wife too.
    if you feel too paiseh to reject or say no – just use my name ie, my husband dont allow/advice/want me to do this or that.
    thats what husbands are for right?! haha

    1. Hi Fc, yes! Actually we are catering at least 1/2 year for her to be out of job. Or to get at least 30% pay cut!

      Hahaha…. yah the husband part is very useful. I am exactly the same pattern as you. I sometimes also tell my boss, my wife this and my wife that… hahahhaa

      Good weapon!

  4. I'm afraid this is just a ploy by her former employer to retrench her. Either way it will work on their favor. Had she had accepted the 50% cut, great, they'd have 50% discount;if she resigned, also great, they can cut jobs without paying a single cent of severance payment.

    Anyway, glad to hear that she now has a better job. God bless?

    1. Yes definitely blessed by God! Praise Him.

      Her company is also struggling to survive. Not sure how many months more before closing down.

      But the disgusting part is that firm rumour that her ex company Head is only getting 20% pay cut but asking people below to take 50% or more.

      And of course the Head of the company has the highest salary.

    2. Yikes! That goes further to show what kind of organization it is! It is indeed a blessing in disguise signaling that it is time for your wife to no longer be associated with them.

  5. Hi,

    This goes to show that one can achieve his/her aspiration as long as he/she keeps trying and never give up.


    1. Hi WTK, thanks and indeed, I agree with you totally that keep trying n never give up.

      Thanks for all the well wishes!

  6. Hi Rolf, this is such wonderful news in current economic and health crisis! God provides in his own way! I feel so heartened to hear that 🙂

    1. Hi Cherly, Thanks a lot for dropping by. Yes, it is not easy during this crisis. I was expecting at least 3-6 months to find a job with a much reduced salary.

      So, we think, it is definitely the higher power helping us! We thanked Him.

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