July 23, 2021

9 thoughts on “What Should I Do in Stock Market Now?

  1. Interesting! May I ask what you'll be looking for in our local Singapore market? E.g. further 20% drop in certain blue chips like the banks or pedigree reits like mapletree & capitaland ones? Or some positive outcome for vaccine trials?

    STI valuation recently dropped below GFC level especially from 18 to 24 March. While earnings estimates will drop further, I'm thinking the valuation will still be close to GFC levels.

    I bought a tiny bit of DBS & OCBC from 20 to 25 March. But still mostly in cash and wondering when to buy again? Stocks have zoomed up and don't seem as good value now? I'm aiming for investment horizon of 5 years.

    Thank you!

  2. I had a watchlist https://www.rolfsuey.com/2020/03/stocks-on-watchlist.html?m=1
    Purchase will likely based on judgement on peak to trough pricing as reference.

    Also, had recent previous articles detailing how to invest in STI as it drops lower…

    STI valuation actually not accurate. How do u actually knows the earnings of Q1,2,3,4 -2020 yet. You cannot use current PE to compare. It must be forward PE estimates. So perhaps not a good comparison.

    cannot compare GFC and Covid19, bcos we tend to localize comparisons which in my opinion is wrong. Bcos we miss out the bigger picture. Covid19 is a disease, if vaccine found, everybody happy.

    But 2-3 months 1/2 of the world shut down. We probably forget how much the world has to spend to cover back the losses. And 17 millions of Americans unemployed. Do we think other countries in Europe unemployment rate will not go up! Even if Covid situation improves, people worry of 2nd wave or too many unknown, people will be cautious to hire or expand.

    There will be repercussions which will surface later. There can be social unrest also in other countries, causing riots if things worsen between the “have not” and the “haves”. Let’s hope not.

    Stocks good value or not is fair to say. Reference to which year do u say good value? Reference to what forward environment and resilience of stocks.

    Prior to Great Depression, eg in 1928-29, you may say stock is good value reference to previous years. unfortunately, Great Depression took almost 1 decade to recover.

    Investing in 2 Banks may not be most advisable. But you have to know what your preference.

    To me, investment is about creating a portfolio. A portfolio of stocks (diff), cash, precious metals, bonds etc. Perhaps looking at particular stocks is also ok, but ideally a balance portfolio or what we called more all weather portfolio.
    Eg two stocks don’t normally fall drastically unless major recession, bcos they are diff in industry and nature.

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