July 27, 2021

15 thoughts on “Crisis – Is it really useless to know it earlier?

  1. Hi, maybe because life is so stressful now. The last we want to hear is for someone to keep harping on crisis. I think most people know about the challenging environment we are in, For me, I know economy is not doing well and most likely could get worse, but if I have a lunch kaki who keep harping on the negative everyday, I will also get a bit buay tahan. Sometimes we just want to chill a bit and talk about less depressing things. Just my 2 cents worth.


    1. Hi CK,

      I appreciate ur comments. I apologise mine is gg to be long, becos u bring up a very valid point.

      I totally agree with you. 🙂 The world today is not only stressful but chaotic. So we just need time to feel good and talk about other things like girls, beer, ktv etc… hahahaha… Nothing wrong.

      Precisely that is why there are articles in this blog about love, family, good food, good tour, hobbies, burst training, National day wishes, and about life too etc.

      And I can assure you that I am a person who everyday harp about crisis. That is why I am surrounded by my family of love ones and true friends (when in need), my children, who in my eyes are innocent and so adorable.

      Sometimes u can even tell from the face of a person in real life if he is a truth sayer or a doomsayer! The radiance is written on the face!

      That is why I mentioned this is only the second time I sound trumpet to my siblings in a year. And once my sis does not want to listen, I shut up and that night continued as usual as I mentioned in my article.

      And similarly in one of my articles I mentioned that I had only told my colleagues i.e. those eventually being retrench ONCE about the imminent crisis. Once I m so sensitive that people want to hear other things, I will keep quiet. The day when they left, I said nothing but wish them good luck and take care bcos it's already no use talking about why I said the previous time.

      This article seriously is written for people I cared in my life who know me in real life. This I reiterate again. Whether I am the lunch kaki they prefer to be with or not, I will let them decide! 😉

      To be sincere and want the people u loved and care to understand and change, it's not just a temporary laugh about lunch and that's it!

      There are surface friends and true friends! You decide?

      Apparently then there are those (some of my friends) who wanted to know more what is happening and will appreciate my time, then the truth have to be said from the heart. It always ended with big smiles and tap. I think the effect is stronger than just a good laugh talking over girls. Not to get me wrong, I like to talk about "girls" too… I often combined them!!! Hahhaa

      All I can say that it is so bizarre that I had been meeting so many people recently compare to many years ago and each time the feeling was great and more sustainable after the lunch. There were even whatsapp of thanks from "big boys" who turned emotional.

      This is love!!!

      Many years ago when I was only work and work and work and feeling so stressed up by work. At that time I always wanted to meet with lunch kaki who give me a breather "temporary". After lunch time, when I go back work I continue to feel shitty! Then the vicious cycle continues…. never able to get out. Hmmm… maybe that is the feeling most of us have today, like u rightly pointed out.

      Ask yourself this question back to the core fundamentals of life, without biased:

      "why do we even need to feel stress in this world today. Isn't we in Singapore today already have most of the things we need on basic?"

      Just go to YouTube and Google the doomsayer Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Bill Gross, Or even Ray Dalio, and many others, take a good look at them in real life, do they feel look like they are VERY stressed or do they look/sound like they are always VERY RELAX or smily during interview?

      Then u google Janet Yellen, Ben Bernake or Larry Fink… they never talk about crisis… u decide if they look tensed or relax during interview…

      It's all up to us to want to seek temporary relief or permanent cure. The permanent cure is understanding the truth, accept, repent if needed.

      This is the time that you will never feel anymore stress even if the word crisis is mentioned a thousand times. Because that is when u are most level minded and with inner peace – ENLIGHTENED! And most important of all, filled with love for your neighbors!!!

      By the way.. I can crazily fun n know n did many fun things before in my life…

  2. Great article. I like it.

    I do agree that a lot of people like rosy pictures or tend to ignore warning bells.

    I totally emphasize you.

    1. Thanks Tat Yan,

      I appreciate you kind comments. You are very kind in ur words.

      But just like CK rightly pointed out prior, I am not those who keep sounding the bell until people get sick. I m prudent to sound bell to pple who does not want to listen in real life.

      I hope that there are more smiles on the face of the readers "eventually" and have permanent cure with action, rather than more fear, worries or even hatred!

      If it happens, I am sorry…

    2. Well, you can ring the warning bells when asked. There is not a need to do that when you are on any topic chat. I thought it is a common sense.

      I don't think much about stress. Build up the attributes you want to have. By then, you can manage the stress to the point you look comfortable inside and outside.

      I feel that there is no need to be apologise for that. You have given your due care and concern for your friends and family. The onus is always on them whether they want to take appropriate action to mitigate or diversify the risks.

    3. Hi Tat Yan,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I like what you say about managing the stress inside and outside! 

      There were times in the past, that people said to me….

      “why be so kaypoh, just let them see the consequences themselves, and as long as we know about it ourselves, we are fine and safe ourselves. Why bothers about the others. Anyway, the world is so selfish today and even if people know and benefit from what I say, they will also not appreciate one lar……, maybe only attract more despise?”

      Then my wife and my ex-boss told me….

      “I think we should show more grace and be less bitter and ignore what others said. Just share it what you know and be yourself. Whether they listened or not, it is up to them, but at least you do your part in showing the grace.”

      I think about it. It makes sense. Anyway, I have never caused any stirs of quarrels or any harm in my beckoning. Face to face meeting was all well, except maybe in blogosphere to readers who do not know me and who like to interpret in a way they deem fit.

    4. That is why we should care about inner scorecard and do not place too much care on outer scorecard.

  3. I like your article. be prepared; anticipate crisis in the offing and create a margin of safety if it does happens.
    I standby you.

    1. Hi goldmansion,

      Thank you for the kind words. And I know you will be prosperous in abundance too.


  4. I think its more like people would like to continue the good life and so would not want to entertain the thoughts of a more humble living in the future. Everyone likes to have better things in life, what most people may not realise is there is a time for everything. What u hope to have all the time is never realistic there are good and there will be bad times.

    The solns sometimes people refer to really is crisis come already so what can they do. essentially its codeword for misery loves company. since everyone in hard times so what's the problem. much like when good times come everyone will huddle and talk about it.

    Essentially no one wants to be the one to have sold the property and have it rise higher. On the flip side is u really dont want to sell an investment when u need to sell.when that time comes and it becomes really bad there can be the case where there are no buyers at any price or weird markets that are much like in a stasis mode. u have a asking price and a buying price but very little transactions. Its inconceivable as of today but that doesnt mean it wont happen.U buy an investment because u believe it will make u more than what u pay for. If u dont believe that's going to happen why would anyone buy it anymore.

    Another worry is the singapore dollar what i read was its suppose to be a stable currency for trade to take place.But no where it says its suppose to be strong. Just look around the neighbouring countries does the sing dollar have a reason to be as strong as it is is now?If it tries to creep downwards in a orderly manner everything we consume the prices will go up.

    If u remember the iraq war? i still remember the war isnt even taking place near us but the supermarket rice and staples were all gone. Ended up there was no shortage of food.So besides putting yr assets with precious metals maybe stocking up abit more food than usual can be a hedge as well. Another example is the Haze the guys just bought all the 3M masks they could find and put the price up several times the cost. can that happen to food as well?Its unlikely but it doesnt hurt to buy abit more.

    1. Hi workhard,

      Thanks for ur lengthy comments. It exudes depth and experience. I am simply overawed by your well expressed and remarkably wise words.

      I agreed with everything you said, no loopholes and all with logic and justifications. I am touched deep down.

      (What u hope to have all the time is never realistic there are good and there will be bad times.)
      RS: That is why we have the story of 7 yrs harvest and 7 yrs famine.

      (The solns sometimes people refer to really is crisis come already so what can they do. essentially its codeword for misery loves company. since everyone in hard times so what's the problem. much like when good times come everyone will huddle and talk about it.)
      RS: This has been the story since evolution of mankind that the majority are always blinded and only a small group is able to see the light!

      (About Property)
      RS: Many believe it will only goes higher and higher. Hence almost everyone believe their property is an investment rather than a mere roof over head.

      (About SGD)
      RS: It's all perception and confidence level over truth and fundamentals.

      (About Iraq war / Haze)
      RS: Too young to remember Iraq war for me (still in sec sch), but I will rem now and thanks for highlighting. Yes, Haze I remember, but now that u mentioned, it reinforces.
      Venezuela is the best (tragic) example now!

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