July 27, 2021

34 thoughts on “Venezuela – A Nation of Beauty Queens; Now A Nation of Hungers! Who will have thought this will happened?

  1. Beautiful. All should be reminded of this. Singaporeans are really too naive in their thinking

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      thank you for the compliment.

      It can be a bit harsh or hurtful to say Singaporeans are naive. Nonetheless, it can be quite true. 🙂

      Most S'poreans are really too sheltered and always think that this is Singapore and we will be just fine! Perhaps our wealth and people talents today can last us for another good 30 years even being just average, but thereafter I am starting to worry! We can be fallen into the same trap that raid other used-to-be prosperous nations.

  2. Hi Rolf,
    Why do you only highlight the US? Deficit spending is trending strongly and happening everywhere incl China and Japan.
    In a finite world, infinite growth – and with growth I mean growth in debts – cannot continue forever. Who is going to pay the price for our unsustainable behaviour? I am afraid it might be us at old age or if we are 'lucky' our next generation.
    Luckily your kids are way better prepared than most. I really do admire you how you always have your kids in mind when you blog.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Hehe….I get what you mean. Thanks for highlighting.

      This is because today USA is still the strongest economy in the world, therefore I just use them as a metaphor. If the strongest meets with mishaps, the impact will be biggest.

      Oh Oh Oh…. I totally agree with you. Japan, China, EU, everywhere….Indonesia also plan to loosen. Negative interest rate, this never happen in the history of mankind before…. Do we really think it makes sense?

      Many thought Singapore is extremely strong financially. We will be just fine even if US, China or Japan collapse. I almost fainted when I hear how ignorant people here can blathered always that “Sg will just be fine, w/o any concern!”

      Yes, this may be true for our govt. for a limited number of years because of our first generation leaders. How about our current and next and next generation leaders? We need to evaluate if they really have what it takes to make us as good as before or now?

      For the short term now, we can also take a good look at our household debt, it is extremely high and many did not realise this! Debt/income ratios are close to or above 150% in Singapore and Malaysia and are well above 100% in Thailand," said ICAEW.

      Any sneeze from USA, China and Japan, many in Singapore will be in a big trouble!

      As for my kids, one main reason why I started this blog is mainly for them (and public readers) and not really for myself. So this is my main motivation behind blogging here. Perhaps this motivation is important and more sustainable than me just wanting to be rich from investing.

      I am sure you will do the same for your family members!

    2. Singapore being small on a global scale but having a trading volume with that globe in excess of 300% of our GDP can hardly ignore what is going on beyond our borders.

    3. Hi Andy,

      Indeed our success depends largely on external (big picture), then couples with internal efficiency providing top class services/gds.

      There is a saying: in the past, the world, there are >180-190 ships with their own captains. Today the world is one big ship with 196 cabins and WITHOUT A CAPTAIN!

  3. Hi Rolf,

    "Woo Ah Ne A Tye Chi Meh?

    Your main motivation of speaking the "truth" to open the eyes and ears of people can hurt or frighten some fragile and sensitive souls.
    When times are good & the streets & buildings seems painted with gold, we tend to believe it's forever the same.
    That's the main problem with us or most human beings.

    Suddenly i think the time when we are ask to think in terms of "TOTAL DEFENCE " for Singapore.
    Where the "PSYCHE" of the people is emphasized.
    Where have "Total Defence" gone to?
    Or Most Singaporeans are prepared to take the first flight out?
    Especially for the rich and "Elites?
    The masses how?

    1. Hi temp,

      Ya lor "bo wa kai tye chi!" so common bcos pple r all becoming colder with the advance of IT… hehe…

      I totally agree with you.

      Yes, total defence is so important no matter how small we are. Not just about war but also internal conflict.

      Culture of country may make a diff in terms of crisis. If JAPAN is in same situation in Venezuela now in terms of financial situation, maybe their COMRADESHIP will make a difference?

      All I know is during Fukushima nuclear accident, the Japanese display clear comradeship.

      Hopefully Singapore will not ever see a depression but if yes, I really hope Singaporeans can have the Comradeship as well. I think we can do it, bcos somehow it's in our traits I choose to believe.

      The rich and the elites hmm… maybe they r gone long before bcos they already anticipates!

    2. Yes it's confirmed that the very rich have families spread all over "SEA" – Some as far as Europe or America.

  4. Hi rolf

    I do not think that i am harsh. Youngsters only seem to be on the phone and is not interested in what is happening around. They only look forward to a yolo life without wanting to put any effort. They grow up with a maid. Where are the days where ppl are good at cooking and handycraft ? I see it as a global ussue with the smart phone. Sorry for ranting but i really get pissed off seeing all ppl on their phones at all times. This is so even at work. They can watch dramma while working. Watapp while working.

    1. Hi,

      I like your directness and I can't agree more that smart phones are seriously not improving our lives much as a whole.
      We need the old school types of work to stimulate a community spirit where human touch is more abundant!

      Yes, a lot of time our life is almost wasted again with all these smart phone apps, Facebook, games n leisure videos all the time.

      For those who work hard even worst! Many of us use to have free time outside work! Now with smart phone at 10/11pm, ur boss will text u "did u see that email… Bla Bla bla…"

      Ur mind is all day on work..

  5. Joseph's Cycles? Up and down of a nation. Just long and how stretch is each cycle,

    1. Dun be surprised gold may dip below $1000 n silver may dip $10 bcos there still be many manipulations of monetary policies by central bankers to push up the dollars.

      All I believe is not the pricing of gold or silver will go up. it's a believe that it's a store of real monetary value in history of mankind. We cannot predict what the govts or central banks ll do!

  6. Your post reminded me of a fascinating report on Venezuela that stated that as a result of the food rationing, people are only allowed to buy a specific amount of certain items on each day, so you may have queued up for 2 hours to buy rice, only to find that only diapers are left. Do you still buy it?

    Yes! Citizens have banded together to form categorised chat groups (WhatsApp etc) to employ a rather primitive concept of bartering items. 1 pack of diapers for 1 kg of flour etc, and the groups are so well-run that there are operating hours so as not to be disturbed by the flood of notifications during night-time etc. Really amazed by how people adapt to the tough times.

    So, back to the topic. I think Singapore is an anomaly, we are all fighting hard to stay as an anomaly, but you never know. Your exposure has given you valuable perspectives. Makes me envious.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the compliments. I have still a long way to go n long list to learn. As long as we improve 1% a day it's still good.

      Exposures r obtained by
      1) reading n awareness (good but not good enough)
      2) talking to pple (impt to have human touch n not just virtual – lacking big time today)
      3) doing or being there experiencing (most impt bcos this is where we know what we do not know, fail, PAIN n improve!

      That is why I I want to convey this message of exposures to my children.

      The whatsapp group is good initiative only when the culture of the country has comradeship as I mentioned in my earlier comment.

      Problem is when u r so hungry, u no longer queue n just snatches! Our survivor instinct prevails above all!

      The "have nots" will resent the "haves" n even the "haves (rich)" will soon rob off their riches, if not being beaten to death.

      Soln: Not to fret!!! It's the ability to see things happening early ahead of the masses! So many smart Americans have already left their country to reside in other parts of the world – Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Richard Duncan etc

  7. Hi Rolf,

    Thanks for the good read. Anyway, don't ask your kids go China because they treat all guests with excessive food to show 'face', haha!

    1. Hi Jes,
      Thanks for the good advice. Anyway I had done business with many chinese for more than a decade now, excessive food is good isn't it.

      It's the "bai jiu!" that is more killing.

      The new chinese generation (born after 1980) is different nowadays. By the time my kids grow up this 80s pple will be the boss n I believe the culture will change dramatically.

  8. Rolf;

    We are indeed blessed. So count our blessings. But some just keep whining and grumbling. Damn irritating …

    But cannot say it as it is, because we will be label disrespectful

    1. Hi SI,

      Have to agree with you about the whining and grumbling esp seeing more on social media comments.

      Maybe it's a way to vent out the stress air who they initially dun really meant it so seriously. But then again, sometimes the more we rant, after awhile it becomes like a habit which can be quite harmful.

      For me, I will say it if eventually what I say will actually "awakens" those still not sober n for benefit of greater good. But if what I say i know will make v little difference (depending on who's the audience), I will prefer to keep mum instead!

  9. Hi Rolf,

    It just so happen that I recently chanced upon a video on the current Venezuela situation; and it scares me when I realise that a country stability can change overnight.

    If even a resource rich country like Venezuela can end up in such situation, what is there to stop Singapore from doing so?

    Good governance? If so, then it's even scarier when a significant number of Singaporeans espouse populist social policy put up by "certain" party to garner support. Who's gonna pay for these proposed social program? Our kids?

    Btw, im not a pro-pap (I voted for oppo before:p) supporter as they have their shortcomings too. I just prefer to choose the lesser evil for our leaders.

    Oops. I have no inclination to turn this into a political rant. Sorry 😬

    1. From all of us lol!
      Ants , grasshoppers, butterflies & moths.
      Must always remember Gs of the world actually produce nothing.
      If the people don't produce, where got money for the G to hand back some of your collective money back to you.

      We better pray our G will be anti-corruption all the way.
      And the people of Singapore knows we can not stop working, we have nothing but people.
      There is "NO FREE LUNCH" anywhere in the World man!

    2. Free lunch and breakfast?

      Come to Nativity Church Centre.

      But; not really free. Actually it is sponsored meals by donors.

      Same as Government's freebies. They are from taxpayers.

    3. Hi PP,

      if it is a political rant, I will moderate. So far this comment still ok. I am balanced between ruling and opposition party also, just like u and what the usa election called "swing" votes!

      Which video is that, maybe I will take a look and ask my children to watch also.

      Yea… lesser of the evil. The problem comes when economy is down n pple lives become difficult n this is when we tend to be more blinded bcos we r focus on ourselves only n our own survival. This is when someone even evil (like Hitler) is able to manipulate.

      So evil or not, depending on situation can be sometimes difficult to tell.

    4. Hi Rolf,

      Oops! Glad I made that disclaimer right at the end then:p

      It's a Hong Kong program where the group went to Venezuela and interviewed its people. Can't seem to find it on YouTube but a quick search will show a ton of similar program able Venezuela though.

      Oh yes. We have the chance to choose the lesser evil now because we are still in good shape. Afterall, the Nazis were not a strong political party until the Germans underwent hardship.

      Talking about the Germans reminds me of Brexit! Interesting times again. I'm quite curious how it'll pan out eventually🤔

    5. Hi Rolf,

      I found the program! Lol.

      It's titled "世界零距离2".

      I happen to catch another episode on it just now. And it's not a HK program. It's a TW program.

      Opss 😂

    6. Hi PP,

      I watched the video you recommended. Thank you, it is really educational and let us understand perception vs reality.

      Unfortunately it is in Cantonese and I am not as fluent and trying hard to keep up reading the chinese character. 🙂

  10. Ya lor, a lot of pple working in the civil service actually forgotten that their money is actaully from partly tax payers.

    When I go back reservist, u can see everyone is driving Mercs, BMW, Audi. A camp mate who is in civil service also changed Mercs after Mercs. A frd of mine not from rich family n just an assoc director in govt sector is driving 7 series.

    Actaully the pay scale in stat board I kind of know the band too.. for some, it's really imbalance in terms of car to their income or even title.

    Do not mistaken I never jealous, but imagine, soldiers, police, civil defence, customs people all driving Mercs n BMW… which is what happens now.

    The image portrayed is really not good. Civil servants taking for granted tax payers money n spend luxuriously thinking that public sector is far more impt than private sector…

    I jokingly tell a frd that actaully not good if he is in uniform sector to drive all these luxurious car… bcos I m partly funding his income… he asked me go tell our ministers lor!

    oh dear….

    1. Yeah… CW, everyone think that as long as from "Ah Gong" it's free!

      I am worrying that one day, u will only find Singaporeans working in civil service n private sectors investments will start flowing out of the country if they can no longer attract talents!

  11. Hi rolf

    Just a note to say i like your post. Keep them going on. I can learn so much 🙂

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