July 29, 2021

18 thoughts on “We are not rich by what we possess but by what we can do without!

  1. "And also the next time when we think of what WE DO NOT HAVE, perhaps we should first think of WHAT WE CAN DO WITHOUT?"

    My generation definitely can.
    Some of your generation can.
    Your children's generation can mey?
    They hardly or never experienced what we could do without.
    Instant gratifications, use and throw is the way to go today.

    1. Hi temperament,

      Guess it is different stages of evolution in an economy, which is inevitable. USA is an eg.

      Not just in Sg, in fact more distinctly I witness within China where the people in the 90s are so different from those prior. My last ten years there saw changes that will otherwise take place in few decades in other countries such as Indonesia, India etc.

      My generation born in the 70s should not have a problem I think. Many of my friends and colleagues in this age group are just "Giam Gu!", not very much different from those in the 60s. Haha… they are all very frugal really.

      Those in the 80s have quite a big gap, then even bigger gap for those in the 90s.

      The only thing I can do now is ensure the right values are injected into my next generation as much as I can. But end of the day, it's up to them.

  2. No. We can't go back to the old days.

    Only during those few days in my fishing trips, I would be greeted by roosters crow at dawn and no hand phone alarm. LOL!

    1. Yes. Time cannot turn back, can only "taste back" *chinese translation*.

      Hehe… Msia kampongs still have many roosters!

  3. Hi Rolf,

    Thanks for your post. Bring back many old memories. Pen pal, spiders, marbles, 2 rooms HDB, analog radio, the traditional Chinese "water tank"…Haha.


    1. Hi Farmers,

      Yeah the old memories. Unfortunately we do not have too many photos or videos back then compare to the ease of snapping photos today.

  4. Thank you, Rolf, for this vivid trip down memory lane. Sounds very close to what my wife tells me about her youth.

    It shows that there are endless amenities we should be grateful of. Unfortunately we often do chose to focus on something lacking instead of the abundance around us.
    Two weeks ago my trusted computer crashed. Then last Monday my new computer crashed. I was lost. Why do we depend so much on technology? Lucky me my Kindle was still working. ha ha

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Well, it was trustworthy for 3.5 years. Which is not too bad for modern technology. The new computer shortened that trustworthy period to only 7 days, which is rather unacceptable.

      Yes, they certainly are. And even for longer than 3.5 years. That's another aspect in which humankind can still beat technology.

    2. Hi Andy,

      3.5 yrs is reasonable. 7 days, haha could it be u r unlucky.

      But it's better to be unlucky with electronic devices rather than with ur close ones.


  5. I remember (and miss) the doing research in libraries with schoolmates for project work! These days, project work meetings can be held at cafes or even online already. Not as fun anymore. The 90s were definitely better times in a sense, although thankfully I never got hit by those water bombs hehe (I was the one throwing them instead :P)

    Unfortunately, once we've had a slice of something good it is hard to go back. No wonder they say technology is a double-edged sword!

    1. Hi BB,

      Those were the days. Yes indeed technology is a double edge sword and frankly I am not really a big fan of it and unsure if it really improves the overall life of majority of mankind or just only a minority of the population truly benefited the most from it.

  6. Hi Rolf

    A walk past the memory lane indeed.

    There are some things which we take things for granted now given the advance of technology but the world revolves around moving into face time and humans need to move with it.

    The next time our kids will probably think if what they see now as their olden childhood days, perhaps a robot partner is normal in the next few decades

    1. Hi B,

      Yes we must always look ahead and that is extremely important.

      But what kind of attitude we bring with us looking ahead sometimes is dependent on what we do and how we feel today.

      And our attitude of today is sometimes shaped from what we go through in the past. Our knowledge of past experiences help us meet with demands and challenges of present time.

      So the biggest dilemma as parents is while it aches to see our kids go thru difficult and tough lives when they are young (but need to be happy), somehow it is one of the ways that can make them anti-fragile when they grow up.

      I am not discounting robot partner in the evolution of technology. But frankly, that means we are moving away and away from the true living of mankind.

      Instead of many people may think we need to progress, I think mankind actually need to rejuvenate some kind of regression to the past for us to really progress in our lives.

      hehe… sounds abit chim… 🙂 ok, just treat I am talking to myself!


  7. wait a moment…
    is that where my ah ma's missing water tank went to?!!!!

    man, those were the days…

  8. Hi Rolf,

    Maybe the current new times for us is the good old days for the next generation. In the future without us, they will be reminiscing about the days when they play 2D games on mobile phones or laptop, and the slow speed of the internet and 4g, or the inefficient way of burning dinosaur juice in cars to travel.

    I'm just saying each generation has their own past and baggage to carry over to the next, and each generation will have to find their own way to navigate the future.

    All is as well as it should be 🙂

  9. Hi LP,

    Yes indeed.

    Human beings adapt and evolve. In fact not just human beings, almost all living things do that.

    If recalling the past makes us happy, we should do more. But if it keep us complaining and stagnant, then it is no good.

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