STI goes below 2,800 – Eat Slowly, Be Patient, and Don’t Get Indigestion

STI closed at 2729.91 today, officially in a bear market declining
23% since its 1-year high of 3,539.95 on Apr 2015.
many are busy selling yesterday and today, I am busy buying. This is
according to my strategy since being patient for several months now. 
for a reason!”
your strategy is only as good as what you had planned earlier. What you plan is
only as good as what you learnt. What you learn is only as good as how much you
understand your own situation the best. Therefore understand yourself well. Different people will have different
strategies. Very often, it also depend on other financial or real life factors outside your stock portfolio, such as your work stability, any family stress, or personal mental well-being or even ask if your health be affected. 

The “spare
cash” or “warchest” like many people here in the blogosphere like to refer to
as, has to be deployed over a period of time during bear market. 
While I
am not disclosing the exact detail/amount how I am going to deploy my warchest
so as to NOT to mislead and also because “you are not me and I am not you”, there
are some guidelines. The key or basic principle is:
to eat slowly; do not be greedy and eat all at once, otherwise you will suffer
indigestion, and vomit all out.”
One of
the ways of deploying as very rough guide is written by Motley Fool – Refer
Similarly, you can also create your own spreadsheet. Something like below and play with
the percentages and figures accordingly base on the situation that suit you the best.
Below is an assumption of a 100k warchest with 
arbitrary percentage of warchest deploy.  

For me,
I scooped below stocks during this bear! Don’t ask me why these stocks? Haha….
       Raffles Medical
       China Merchant Pacific

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5 thoughts on “STI goes below 2,800 – Eat Slowly, Be Patient, and Don’t Get Indigestion

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Hope it turns out good. Do remember that banks & O&G r very volatile! For stocks I m not so sure esp in these two industries now, I give a pass! But regardless the case in the short term, these r good companies for the long term.

      Remember to take ur time…

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