What you should do if not investing in stocks?

2015 – a year to be forgotten

It’s nearing end of
the year. To recap, I am sure 2015 is not a fantastic year as far as most
investors are concerned. 24 August this year aka “Black Monday” is the day when hundreds of
billions were wiped out in stock markets worldwide. The horrendous sell-off in
equity was a result of China’s devaluation of the yuan due to economy slowdown.
The STI benchmark was not spared. From above 3500 points in April, it
dived below 2800 points in the month of September. My stock portfolio shed
considerable weight as well.

Yet, swings up and
down is not an uncommon sight in the world of investing. Investors who owned
superior companies at reasonable prices should still stand to benefit over the
long term and should not be distracted by the short term upheavals in the
financial markets. The market has since rebound. STI rise above 3,000 points
this week.

The rally in stocks is further heightened when ECB hinted on more monetary easing to come, while China PBOC had cut interest rates
for the six times in a year. 

Is this exactly good news
for investors? 

I am not sure. What I am sure is there are no guarantee which direction the market is heading next. Given the uncertain
roads ahead, I prefer to do very little for now (not exactly nothing though) in equity
investments until more visibility. However I am not suggesting that you should
follow me. If you are confident of your investment strategy, please go ahead with no stopping. 

What I am doing now, if not investing in stocks?

Below are some of
things I did lately, amid my fewer activities in the stock market.

Go for a tour

Take a deserved BREAK.
Go tour to recharge. This is what I just done. Refer

Started meditating – find inner peace!

I had started
meditating since a while back. It is a fantastic spiritual exercise, aside from my regular physical exercise routine. While still a beginner, I have yet to master the art of meditating. Guess the more important thing to do now is to instill the discipline to meditate daily, which I am still struggling to achieve. 

Burst training – anti-ageing!

I was recommended
“Burst Training” from one of my friends for anti-
ageing. Yes, I am nearing big 4, and definitely have phobia of ageing. 🙂  An American consultant to doctors, – Dr Pompa,
initiated this type of exercise regime. I tried it for awhile now and it seems to work perfect for me. The idea is to spend less time in my exercise and
yet achieve maximum health benefits by increasing our growth hormone. All you need is approximately 15 minutes
for each session of workout. For 1 minute, I will push myself “hard” until I am
gasping for breath. Then rest for 2 minutes. And repeat 4-5 times. Any type of workout is ok, as long as you are pushing your body hard during the 1 minute of bursting. You will
need to rest on the next day, for your body to recover, and more importantly, “to burn fats!”

Remember, “Fats isn’t bad in itself. It is the inability to burn fats, that is bad!”

For more information, see video below to understand more. 

More focus in work 

Year end is normally the time for companies to dish out bonus (if any) and performed job review. Time bias indicates
people or bosses tend to remember the recent events better. Therefore this is
the best time for you to work even harder to score some extra points for your
work performance report card. 

While my industry is
getting quieter with lesser new projects, I continue to be relatively busy at
work. Visiting clients, overseas colleagues visiting, traveling, internal
training, conferences etc, still take up bulk of my time. I reckon this is the best time that I can deepen my relationships
with clients and colleagues.

Stay engage to the financial world 

2015 is a dismal year,
but we should never be disappointed and completely detach ourselves from the stock
market going forward. Instead, I continue to read financial news each day. In
the morning, I read Business Times and Today. At night, I watch Bloomberg TV and find
time to read financial blogs/articles. During travel, I also read books.

Other financial products

For me, this is also a
good time to set sights or learn other financial products. For instance, 
I bought Singapore Savings Bonds
which I think it is a great financial instrument. It gives almost risk free return of > 2.5% over 10
years. Precious metals are also catching my attention. 

Create a stock watchlist and plan before market plunge

It is important to create
a stock watchlist and a plan, to take advantage of market plunge, when it
happens. Refer to Motley fool article “what
I plan to do when the market crashes.”
 I created mine, how about you? 
One thing lead to another – New tap of income!

I started this blog
with the intention to sharpen my writing and share my thoughts and experiences.
Recently a friend was looking for a freelance Oil and Gas writer for her
company. Since I am working long enough in the industry, I was approached to help introduce writers to her. 

Bingo! I recommended
myself instead. After seeing some of my O&G articles here, I am now their freelance writer.  I had since written several
articles over the past months and manage to generate an additional “tap” of
It is a classic
example of how one thing can lead to another without “over planning”

So maybe at times, it pays to “JUST DO IT!”

Rolf’s H2F3

Ultimately, I am still very
focus to have a balance H2F3. Read my earlier article
here on what exactly is Rolf’s H2F3! Family time with my kids is
extremely important.

So there you have it. This is
almost what I had been busy with lately!

How about you?

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10 thoughts on “What you should do if not investing in stocks?

  1. Rolf,

    Glad you are using this down period to focus on people that matters 😉

    1) Getting in touch with your inner self.

    2) Your love ones.

    3) Deepening the relationships with clients, internal customers, etc. Business is sealed with handshakes; not business plans.

    4) Broadening your brand name within the industry with your freelance writing 😉

    Focus on people

    Then business

    Then KPIs

    1. Hi Jared,

      Yeah indeed. But my so call down period saw some rally in stocks.

      People, business then KPI…

      Well said! in fact It's just that simple. 🙂

  2. Hi Rolf

    Seems like you have good relationships at work place. Happy for you. Time bias for appraisal is only true if your boss is impartial. Human tend to have favouritism. However, this shouldn't stop us from doing our best.

    Enjoy your anti ageing experience. Sleep well will do the trick. I look 10 yrs younger. Ppl always thought I am 21 yr old. :p

    1. Hi FD,

      People management is complex. Takes time and experiences, but like what u said : it shouldn't stop us from doing our best.

      Hehe… 31 look like 21. Wow wow, maybe can start a new business for ageing woman,

      Aside from sleep and eat well, if there are new methods introduced, I am always willing to try new things. If it's good, Bingo, if not, nothing lose.

      Maybe this is one of the many ways in getting favorism.

  3. Hey Rolf,

    Why are you so early to take stock for 2015? We still have 2 months to go. Ample time to beautify your portfolio's performance.

    Phobia of ageing? What's that? Have you read my latest post yet? wink, wink

    Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese. As neither you (I guess so) nor me are cheese, age is only important for us when it comes to cour-age.

    I'd better stop now because the only objective definition of ageing is when a person starts to talk about aging.

    But not before wishing you all the very best for your additional stream of income.

    1. Hi Andy,

      I have a this habit of always wanting to be early. All my watches and clocks are 10 mins faster. It's not always good though, because sometimes the best is save for last, and I will miss it because I am always too "fast".

      Phobia of ageing. No lar… just casual remarks. After all everyone has to age. Just like red wine, the older a man get, the better it "taste"! What I mean is doing an exercise I enjoy and yet can anti-age both internally (health) and externally (appearance), why not!

      Oops sorry to tell that "I am a vainpot", I love looking good. To be specific it's more like RADIANT rather than young looking.

      The additional stream of income is NOT as easy as it appears. I am not sure it will work over the long term, but no harm trying. If you don't try, you don't know. 🙂

  4. Hi Rolf

    I can clearly see your priorities now. Family and health is always first and investing takes second but it's all for a good cause.

    Life isn't all about one thing and not the other so I join you for cheers on this one. 😉

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks. Priorities changed over time as a result of things that happened. It sometimes also like stock cycles, u were all hyped up for several years over one objective, then it looses steam, ironically when u are nearing to or already achieving the objective.

      So I am sure you will experience the same and be more happy also.

      Not matter what, the continual evolvement in life is why life is interesting, isn't it?

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