Taipei Trip – Perfect Break from Work & Stock Market!

What should I do when there are so many uncertainties in the world today? 
Answer : Take a good break and recharge my battery! 
This is precisely what I had done in the last week. I took a short 5D4N trip to Taipei with my wife. No noisy kids, no work from office, no investment of stocks, no blogging… just the two of us relaxing, eating, drinking and shopping etc. 
It was a perfect getaway! 
Nevermind this is our fourth trip to Taipei in the last ten years. We are still very much in love with this place. People are always friendly, weather is nice during this time, goods and services are value for money, quality of the food is great, streets are bustling and so many nice sceneries at the other side of the city. 
Superb weather

22 to 27 degC, bright sunshine, no rain and reasonably windy. Shiok!

Our hotel 

Subway station at doorstep and very good service from hotel staffs
Comfortable bed 

Nice balcony

Perfect bathroom with jacuzzi, TV and view of balcony

Food, food, food…

Coffee coffee, coffee…

Shop, shop, shop…

Shilin night market
Ningxia night market
Jiufen old street

Deja Vu Restaurant by Jay Chou and Liu Qian 

Stunning decor 

Fine dining with amazing good food at just less than S$100.00 bill for two. 


So many weird characters on the streets…

Live music at famous EZ5 house…

Hear nicer singing from me and wife at KTV…

And breathtaking sceneries… 


Lovers Bridge
Fisherman’s Wharf
Cannot bear to bid farewell! 

Having our last bites at airport lounge before boarding 
Cya Taipei!

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9 thoughts on “Taipei Trip – Perfect Break from Work & Stock Market!

  1. Hi Rolf

    Wow what a nice break indeed!!!

    Good that you are able to leave behind your little ones to go on a nice break. Really refreshing indeed now and raring to go.

    1. Hi B,

      It's discharge and recharge for me.

      Discharge mental worries and money πŸ™ , but recharging of spiritual well being and feels good.

      Leaving the kids is not so easy task. Arrangements need to be made. We hope they were there though, but maybe next time.

      I look forward to seeing your family break soon too! U deserved it!

  2. Hi Rolf

    Wow what a nice break indeed!!!

    Good that you are able to leave behind your little ones to go on a nice break. Really refreshing indeed now and raring to go.

    1. Hi Jared,

      Yes indeed. I feel like man of leisure during the trip entirely.

      Now, that's y u r having fun everyday!


    1. Hi FD,

      I thought it was a 1h job to finish this blog, but it took me 2h to select pics, transfer pics to pc, and write n upload.

      Argggg… I aimed for 1h next time.

      I read your article on Taiwan too. Great!

      Similarities…. eeeeee.. u wear skirt or not? haha

  3. Taiwan. Nice. I will be visiting for Round 2 next year in Jan 2016. This time I will be exploring mainly Taichung and Nantou areas.

    As an Ant, I already have plans and Goals to travel to most part of Taiwan's major attractions. LOL!

    1. Hi CW,

      Haha, Taiwan ants!

      Yes, nice. Understanding Hokkien also makes me feels closer! Guess teochew is close also.

      Like u, visiting various parts of Taiwan is what I target. In fact, the last trip 4 yrs ago, I went to Yilan and stayed in the "mingshu" village area. Many many yrs ago, I took the tour and been to Kaoshiung, Taichung, Hualien…

      Maybe next time I will try Nantou as u said.

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