Book Review : The Power of Positive Thinking (Part 2)

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How to Create Your Own
If you wake up in
the morning, you have two choices – either Happy or Not for the rest of the
day. I choose to be Happy.

Example –
Personal Experience of an ex-client from Jakarta
I remembers once when I was in Jakarta meeting an Indonesian client. He
travelled more than an hour to and fro office daily. I asked if he will fume at
the traffic that is massively jammed almost all time. I was told he is very happy
when he is stuck in a traffic jam! “What?” I exclaim. He then said “Happy or Sad also
stuck in the jam, I must well be happy!”
Do Not Create Your Unhappiness
In Singapore, if you ask people how’s everything lately. 4 out of 5 will
say, life is not so good – family, kids, career etc problems. Unhappiness seems
like a common state of mind.
It is so easy
to tell people how things aren’t going well in life or career and how unhappy
you are. But why not just say “Things are going well and Life is Good!”
Example –
Couple on a Train
Peale recalls an incident where he met a couple on a train. The wife was
expensively dressed, furs and diamonds but she complained that the carriage was
dingy, service was abominable, food most unpalatable etc. She fretted on everything.
Husband on the contrary, was genial, affable and easy going. Peale asked the
husband what they do for a living. The husband is a lawyer and says her wife is
in manufacturing business. Asked what manufacturing business, he says
manufactures her own unhappiness!”
Practice Happy Thinking
Make a mental list of happy thoughts and absorb them. If unhappiness
thought should enter your mind, immediately stop, eject it, and substitute
immediately with a happiness thought.
Mix with People Who are Happy
Mix with positive friends and leave your negative friends for a while,
but do not abandon them. Once you gain all the positivity, then go and help
your negative friend.
I Don’t Believe in Defeat
Stand Up to the Obstacle
 “Just stand up to the obstacle, that’s all,
and don’t give way under it, and it will finally break. You will break it.
Something has to break and it won’t be you, it will be the obstacle.”
– General Tudor
We can do this provided we have faith, faith in ourselves or faith in a
religion etc.
Eliminate Certain Expressions of Thought & Speech
Always use positive over negative words.
E.g. of Negative expressions: “I am worry that I cannot handle. I am
afraid I will be late. I will never be able to do this…it’s not as easy as you
E.g of Positive expressions: “I can do it! I will get there on time! I
will try my best to get it done…!
How to Break the Worry
Worry makes you ill. Fear corrupts our minds, our hearts, brains! The
effect will be spread to your cells, tissues and organs of body. Always keep
calm and do not worry.
Be Attached
According to Peale, married couples and church members live longer life
than normal people. This is because their worries are shared. When you are
single, you have to do it all alone by yourself.
Power to Solve Personal
Most people who encounter problems always think they are most
unfortunate and others are luckier than them. Maybe sometimes, it is not they
are luckier. Maybe they have the same problems and difficulties that you have,
but it is just that they find the right formula to tackle their difficulties.
Always talk to
people about problems. Find people who encounter the same problems and who had
solved them successfully and learn from them.
  •  Believe that for every problem, there will be a solution
  • Always keep calm and relax so that our brain can be more efficient
    under stress
  • Do not try to force an answer!
  • List all facts on paper so that problems become more objective, not
  • Trust in our own intuition

Healing – Faith, Stay Calm
and Relax
Peale believes that the basic trouble of many sick people is spiritual
(body, mind and soul). He believes sometimes medicine may only be temporary
relief. Cure is the understanding of our own emotional selves. Natural law is
governed by science and spiritual law is applicable by faith.
Therefore, work
hard but in the absence of worry, resentment and tension. Stay calm and have
faith of overcoming obstacles always. Rest is important too.
Be Likable? – All About
Being Popular
By overwhelming results, a poll in school reveals that majority of
students voted to be popular. This urge is the same in older people but in
another form. The longing to be liked, to be held in esteem, to be sought-after
person is fundamental in us.
“One of the
deepest drives of human nature is the desire to be appreciated.” – Psychologist
William James.
Always be comfortable person to people. Easy-going and natural.
Pleasant, kindly and genial way. Do not be stiff, reserved, and unresponsive,
that never amalgamate into the group.
“To be master of
art of popularity, be ARTLESS. Strive deliberately after popularity and the
chances are you will never attain it.”
Prescriptions for Headache

In USA so many people cannot sleep without sleeping pills and so many
cases of headache. Muscular activities utilize another part of the brain and
therefore cure the strain and give reliefs.
“The best
medicine for a broken heart is to take a scrubby brush and set down on your
knees and get to work or to get an axe and chop wood until physically tired.”
A good cry helps sometimes. Get back to normal course of life quickly.
Gain knowledge about philosophy of life and death
Rolf’s Final Thoughts
Are You feeling Positive Now? Reading is good, but not good
You need to practise. 

So now, go and practise it. 

But like CW8888 says, do not practise too much positivity on stock markets and on your wallet. LOL. 

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15 thoughts on “Book Review : The Power of Positive Thinking (Part 2)

  1. Hi Rolf

    Indeed, you attract what you think of. If you are positive, you will see all the positivity in life.

    1. Hi FD,

      I love the phrase "u attract wat u think." though it may not realise, but at least u attract.


  2. Thank you, Rolf, for that excellent summary. Now I do not have to read the entire book any longer.

    It somehow confirms what I remind myself of. I always have a choice. Yes sure, I cannot choose what life throws at me, but I can always choose how I react to each situation.

    As long as we have a strong 'Want To' the 'How To' shows up everywhere around us.

    Congrats to you for having a strong 'Want To'.

    1. Hi Andy,

      This is the problem of book review! haha.

      Yes, we do have a choice to react.

      Still, somehow I do feel that our choice to react positivity depend more on improving via our own life experiences rather than just from a book.

    1. Hi temperament,

      Agree. Guess end of the day, the environment and the experiences inject more influences. Still, it is a good side dish.

  3. Rolf,

    The first self-help book I read was from Dale Carnegie during my secondary school days.

    The thing about all these "positive thinking" is that its not without limitations…

    I can do all the positive thinking all I want, but I'll never be a brain surgeon. But ask me to write…now we are talking! I never had issues with essay composition in school. Ask me to do math? Boy, do I moan and groan!

    Vincent Peale is right though. Being with cheerful people is much better than with unhappy people 🙂

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Thanks for sharing. I have to agree with you.

      My first self-help book is “Be Happy” by Andrew Matthews just before I entered NS. Hmm….NS wasn’t that happy for me afterall!

      Like I mentioned many times before, I always believe: environment, life experiences, failures etc carves a man more than anything. These are the main dish. Reading, attending positive books/courses are the side dishes to fortify/motivate our beliefs.

      Nonetheless, to read a “positive thinking book” is still better than to “negative thinking” one. Also it injects good knowledge into my “mind library!”

  4. There is a lot of power in positive thinking in this blog and with the help of positive thinking we can achieve our impossible goals.So all students should read books on the positive thinking.

  5. Hi Rolf,

    Am reading this book, though I didn't know it's so embedded with religion. Nevertheless, so far so good 🙂 Am already practicing it!

    1. Hi LP,

      I am not religious too, but just extract the relevant points and read quickly the religious part. This is what I done. Sorry for not pointing it out explicitly earlier.

      Hope you are already very positive now! So positive ions that you may need some negative ions to neutralize. haha!

    2. Nah, no worries, just highlighting to other readers who might want to read this book. I think I'm already positive, but it's always good to learn a few tricks up my sleeve 😉

      Anyway, thanks for the recommendation!

  6. You always can publish something absorbing that does not waste minutes of your life like what you see on countless other This is very interesting and I will be back for more. Thanks for sharing

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  8. I blog often and I genuinely thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. I'm going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information about once a week.

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