Book Review : The Power of Positive Thinking (Part 1)

Vincent Peale, 2011 Edition, First Published in 1952.

Thanks to NLB Singapore 

Some time
ago, I was browsing through a blog and read that the blogger labeled this book
“The Power of Positive Thinking” as the trigger of his/her destiny turning
point for the good. Fancy by this fact, I borrowed this “positive” book from
the NLB and finished reading it last month. I struggled to put up a post early
as I was making very comprehensive notes. It was kind of necessary as I infused
the “positive thoughts” into my mind. To sink this mental therapy deeper, I
will practise positive thinking myself, while also relating interesting
examples to my wife or friends.
About the Author – Normal Vincent Peale

source: wikipedia

Vincent Peale (1898 – 1993) was a minister and author and a progenitor of
“positive thinking”. Peale, born in U.S. was raised as a Methodist
and ordained as a minister in 1922. Peale spent 52-year as a pastor in church
which oversee membership growth from 600 to >5,000.  Peale was New York City’s most famous
preachers. Since Peale is a Pastor, the contents from the book are associated
to Bible teachings with many paragraphs advocating “faith in lord” as the
ultimate solution. 
Disclaimer: I am not a
Christian and by no means am I trying to proselytize the religion. For this
review, I will minimize or remove the religious aspects of this book to
minimize any potential religious conflict.
Believe in Yourself
and Faith
inferior complex and lack of confidence using auto-suggestion and faith.
Overflow our mind with faith and courage instead of thinking fear thoughts of
defeat and ineffectiveness.
“How can one expect to make a sale if
he drives up to a customer’s place and thinking he is not going to make a
Think of
the Things You Still Have
recalled that he encountered a man that lost his business, lost all his money
and was in total despair crying that he has “lost everything in his life!” But
he still have reasonably good health; wife still lovingly at his side; children
are grown up working and all still filial; friends and most important of all,
his integrity is still intact.
A Peaceful Mind Generates Power
change of pattern of thoughts to be healthier and happier.
“Many of the patients have nothing
wrong with them except for their thoughts!”
Practise Emptying
of Mind
instance if you are on a cruise, walks to the stern of the ship and imagines
throwing all your worries into the ocean and watch them disappear.
our mind cannot be in state of vacuum. Hence we must always fill them up with
peaceful thoughts scenery, beach, birds chirping, mountains, rivers etc.
Speech –
Tranquility and Serenity Words
“Utter panicky words and your mind
immediately go into a state of nervousness. On the contrary, if you speak
peaceful, quiet words, your mind will react in a peaceful manner!”
Art of
Silence – Practice Serenity Every Day
Every day
at least for 25 mins, go alone into the quietest place you can find. Do talk to
anyone, do not write and do not read. Relax and conceive your mind as quiescent
and inactive, enjoying the silence.
For me, I
am lucky to stay nearby a park where there are nature reserves. I will go to
the quietest place and enjoy the sight of the hill, trees and pond, breathing
in the “tasty air!
Do Not
Do you
rush to work, rush for the bus, train, rushes to meeting, rush home, rush for
your dinner, even rush when going toilet or having a shower etc? Think about
it, do you actually have to rush?
“The only way to stop is STOP!”
How to have Constant Energy
If your
mind tells you that you are tired and not interested or bored, you will be
tired. If you mind is intensely interested, you can keep on at an activity
indefinitely. Get interested, get absolutely enthralled in something. Throw
yourself wholeheartedly into it. Get out of yourself and your comfort zone.
Example  – A Famous Statesman
A famous
statesman made 7 speeches all in a row and still boundless in energy. Asked why
he is not tired? He said he believe in absolutely everything he said in the
speeches. “I am enthusiastic in my
Learn to
Re-charge Energy
Learn to
relax and do not be too hard on yourself. Re-charged at different levels
regularly. For me, exercising is my best forms of re-charging on a regular
Do Not
Live in Fear and Guilt
Example – A Respected Man who has
A well
respected prominent man in the community regarded as morally strict and
upright, but became involved with a married woman. He wanted to break off this relationship
but his partner threatened him with possibility that she will blow it up for
him to be in disgrace! The man could not sleep well each night, energy slumped
and have no vitality to perform his job. He then seeks medical help to sleep.
asked him how he can expect to sleep with two bedfellows! – Sleep? with “Fear”
on one side and “Guilt” on the other side.
Solution – Break off with
the woman decisively, admit your wrongdoings and repent.
Singapore, there are many similar examples – Acclaimed Singapore film Director Jack
Neo extramarital affairs, ex-speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer, former MP of
Hougang, WP’s Yaw Shin Leong etc.
Stay tune to Part 2.

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