July 27, 2021

11 thoughts on “Fujian Trip (Part 2) – A Pleasant Encounter with Mr. K in the Air

  1. Sillyinvestor,

    I see you have met up with a member of the Kuok family 😉

    It sort of gives a different perspective on our lives doesn't it?

    Family upbringing cannot be measured by degrees, medals, or $. But when we have hit rock bottom, this is where it shines from within.

    1. Hahaha … Identity Crsis!

      Yes, different perspectives and very inspiring!

      I did not mention Kuok Family…

    2. Life is like that. Some people just owe a few thousands tio made bankrupt. 🙁

    3. Ha ha!


      You know what? I was going to write to Sillyinvestor about his blog got "hantu"… Where did his post on meeting Mr K went to???

      It's quite clear I've "lost it" a bit this week.

      This is the consequence of not being in the "present"…

      The volatility in the forex market recently due to the spikes in US Treasuries and German Bunds have got my attention even sub-consciously…

      Made a mess of my Chinese post and now this!?

      Lucky I not a surgeon or dentist. If I continue like this, I'll sure pull out the wrong body part or teeth!


      I better heed the warning signs. Must reduce my risks down to my ability to function "normally".

      No, you didn't mention Kuok. It's either a Khoo or a Kuok as my spontaneous guess. Decided on Kuok as they are quite active in China 😉

    4. Hi SMOL,

      These things happen. On a positive note, u only make 2 small unimportant mistakes! No life and death! Already forgotten!

      But if you are a dentist or surgeon, I will give it a pass. So better stay as a SMOL trader!

      Kuok or Khoo, it matters little. What's more impt is what I learnt from this pleasant encounter. The ability to share it here makes me even more joyful.

    5. Hi CW,

      Few K tio bankrupt is not good. But if u r millions rich, tio bankrupt also no good leh.

      Few k debts and few millions debt.

      So there is some degree of similarity if few k or few millions bankrupt, although the magnitude is diff.

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