August 2, 2021

12 thoughts on “The Seminar of Financial Freedom?

  1. I think it is the freedom of time that attracts many into the concept of financial freedom.

    When we works, someone else will determine how much and how we should be spending of our most time.

    Time is has great opportunity cost, our time spending at workplace cannot be equal to time spending at Bali Kota beach. 🙂

    The problem with working is that we have limited time for leisure. Limited annual leaves and public holidays. After vacation, more works and email waiting for us to clear. Taking leaves are like rest now and work harder later to clear stuck "shits". 🙁

    1. Hi CW,

      Freedom of Time! Hmmmm… good point.

      Most people in our society sacrifice almost all of their time in work. The biggest problem is, even when their body is at Bali beach, their soul is still in work, replying emails and answering work phone calls.

      So in this case if provided many days of leave, also useless. Yes u need some luck to be a better work culture sometimes.

      Frankly for some people even if they are FF, have a lots of time, not working anymore, they will still behave like that. Or they feel EMPTY then, if no work clients or colleagues call or email them! Why, because in their entire life they had devoted to work and never have anything they like to do REALLY.

      In Europe, you try calling your colleagues during their Summer holidays and tell them it is urgent and they need to attend to it immediately???

      Also see my genie question below…

  2. Hi Rolf

    It just stumbles me recently that financial freedom is ultimately still a subset of freedom so although it gives us a bit of backroom to rest on the finances there are still many decisions that are made upon us with regards to freedom.

    One example is moving abroad leaving families and parents back at the home country. Even if we decideto bring them over they might be reluctant to move over. Still we need around to take care of them espescially coming from asian perspective.

    1. Hi B,

      Living or working in Sg as a PMET (even if u r not Singaporeans), frankly the word "Freedom" is more within reach!

      The problem is what will u do with Freedom. For 1 month or 1 yr of freedom it is easy to know. But same thing u love for rest of ur life?

      Making the decision to travel abroad is a decision the person make! Why? Because somebody take a gun to point at them?

      People should already know about the parents problems back then. Trade off for non-citizens, and comparing to their home country, the person get better work exposure/income/currency exchange/ no need NS.. maybe the remarks of saying Asian perspective of taking care of families is not relevant at all.

      If the person who travel abroad is middle income or poor income but have education, he can still stay in the poorer home country, and using theory of relative poorness, he can still be very wealthy staying with the family back home!!!

      Problem here: We want "cheap and good" for ourselves only! Often not realizing we already got it!

  3. Rolf,

    My time its was Norni juice for MLM.

    MLM at one point was so "hot" that even successful insurance managers quit their jobs to start their own MLM companies.

    MLM works splendidly if you start one yourself or you are the early founding members – that's how they leverage on OPT and OPM.

    I like what you wrote on: "Know Ourselves Early, Before FF!"

    I think I shall call you the Oil Man instead of Oily Man.

    Who knows? You may be the next T. Boone Pickens!

    I better "tripod" you now.


    1. Hi SMOL,

      Yes I know the Norni juice..then there is Nuskin, Amway etc. I have a camp mate during reservist is also considering quitting job to full time in MLM. His mindset is diff, and I respect that. So I will never say MLM is good or bad, as long as u noe wat u r doing with valid reasons.

      The job scope for MLM is persuading /convincing people. If u love doing that, you be FF in MLM. So it again boils down to what u love to do.

      One thing I like about ur comments is u introduce new things to me. Great that now I know T Boone after googling about it! I learn something new thru a comment.

      Learning is FF to me too!

      When the time comes for u to tripod, I inform u. I am still the poor smelly oily man now! haha

  4. Rolf, FF or not FF, I think the more important thing is to live life to the fullest. FF might never comes for many of us in Singapore with all the materials temptation and high standard of living, but it doesn't means that we should postpone the enjoyment of life until FF.


    1. Rolf Suey : don't think there is a standard answer for this. To the minimum : do what you like and like what you do.. Life will be rosier.. 😉

  5. To all readers this question "If a genie now says, I give u FF and freedom of time until u die, but u can only decide on 1 thing (can be work) to do each day for 8 hrs and cannot change. Can u decide immediately???

  6. Hi rolf,

    For me, it's still my current work. I think if I don't have to work for money, I might even work harder! Does it make sense? Haha

    I'll do volunteer teaching and act as mentor to students. I think this can be a full time 'job'. Can be more busy than my current work lol

    1. Hi LP,

      FF & Freedom of time, still work harder?

      You are truly as freed as a butterfly!


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