August 5, 2021

10 thoughts on “Oil Crisis – Did You See it Coming?

  1. Build our own pillow stocks so we can avoid having nightmares of feeling sorry for our losses across future market cycles.

    1. Hi CW,

      Pillow stocks sounds good. Can sleep peacefully. 1-2 year ago, I had more time and I really do not want pillow stock. I want action, you know look at screen and buy n sell, analyst new co and buy and sell again. Somehow it is a form of reliance when you cannot find work appreciation. Frankly even not so much about the money, but more about the satisfaction of winning.. human beings .. haiz…

      Now I am back to work "battle" again, and need to divert energy there since I start to find passion and appreciation there again. so I need to find more pillow stocks now.

      Thanks "Golden Pillow!" my target.. haha

  2. Insider from Rolf!!! 🙂

    If the insider can't see it coming let alone the common folks like myself. Maybe its a noise after all, we just all need it for information purpose 😉

    1. Hi B,

      I believe in randomness at times! insider or outsider, it's the joy of competition. in this oil crisis people lost, but for me I competed in games we like.

      If you love playing "risk board" game, even if you loose you still enjoy playing. It's better than playing "monopoly board" game that makes you sleep. Just like I played mahjong never with the thrill of wining. The main priority is just to mingle with friends. winning is bonus.

      most important we must 玩得起!meaning can afford to play.

      I have to agree that Insider is of no use. The more you know the more you over procrastinate when it comes to stocks.. so don't analyse too much… haha

  3. Be nimble and not worrying so much over seller's remorse. If l see it coming then great! If l did not see it coming then l can only blame myself for not being nimble enough; but then it's not the end as there will be another day – wiser by then, hopefully.

    1. Hi Money Honey,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes be "nimble!" I like this word.
      I am already feeling wiser now than a minute ago.. thanks. 🙂

  4. I'm still holding onto Nam Cheong haha!

    Yes, after this oil crisis, I start to appreciate non-cyclical stocks more. Even if you have the stomach for it, what for subject your portfolio to the whims and cycles of macroeconomics ?

  5. Hi BfGf,

    It's like why are people taking roller coaster rides at theme park? There will always be lovers of such rides.

    Why still keeping Nam Cheong? any reasons?

  6. hi Rolf,
    i have PEC, semb marine and probably semb corp( mother share of semb marine) and marco polo will be affected too.

    now then i realise my oil related shares consists quite a big portion of my portfolio.

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Risk is essential as long as manageable. PEC is different, it is in the downstream Oil and Gas. While new capex for exploration and drilling is reduced, production and downstream should not be affected that much.

      SCI and SMM are big players, let's put them as long term stocks.

      MPM is the most vulnerable due to the two speculative rigs and they absolutely have no experience in Rigs. Just trading of rigs basically. Of course there r opposing opinions and situations may change. I am just stating base on technical aspects and current environmental reasons.

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