My Life and Portfolio Updates at the Start of 2015

My Life – A
Busy Start
It has been one of the busiest starts of the
year, for a long time I can remember. Trust it will continue to be like that
for the rest of the year.
A new member of the house is born few months
ago. Joyful….while busy taming cries, changing diapers and making milk. Somehow
the innocent smiles remind you that it’s all worth it. 
Since the first week of the year, I also had a
new employer. Not that I change job, but an acquisition took place. It is back
to MNC again for me. With this change, I need to relocate my office to be with
my new colleagues. So far it is a positive change for me, in terms of work
scope, colleagues, and office environment. The only negative as it seems now, is
less time.
Very often it is either things do not happen, or
they take place all at once. Aside from the massive work backlog, business
travels ramped up in past months.  
After a near-death incident several years ago,
my priority in life is always to stay healthy. My diet is very
nutrition-driven, missing meals are rare, exercising regularly is a compulsory
routine. But no matter how careful I am, the hectic lifestyle lately steal my
health. The first few days of CNY were not exactly on cloud nine as I visited
the Hospital. Luckily for me, it was merely some allergic to sinus medicines.
I have since recovered and participated in
fruitful relatives gathering after the 1st two days of CNY. After
CNY it was yet another week-long of business travel. That explains why I had
been quiet in my blog.
My Portfolio – Updates of Buy & Sell
Due to the busy schedules, it has been a quiet
start of the year for my stock activities. Maybe that is not a bad thing as I
am accumulating more cash in the bank. No war chest, since I am not preparing
to fight a war with the cash…haha..
Another reason is possibly last year, I wrote
an article (
refer here) reminding myself not to buy a stock prior to earnings season. Anyway, below
are updates of my buy and sell actions since the start of the year. 


China Aviation at S$0.71. For reasons, refer to

China Merchants Pacific at S$0.985. I increase my
holdings for continuing optimism on the long term prospect of Chinese economy.
For reasons, refer to my blog last year,

Swissco at S$0.52. I averaged down. My buy call
was backed by service rigs and liftboats resilient in shallow waters over the
long term. Unfortunately it continues to plunge. This one probable needs to
suffer some pain in the next 1-2 years.

Sembcorp at S$4.17. Also averaged down. A
long-term stock for me and like the utilities segment. Overall the gloomy
outlook of oil and gas will depress margin of Semb Marine in the short run.
Continue average down if prices slide again? 

ARA at 1.66. Anticipated interest rate increase,
and new MAS REIT regulations (refer
here) to reduce manager’s fees is depressing ARA’s price. However ARA is
still a wonderful business with a very strong man and backing behind – John Lim
who is also backed by Straits Trading Company, one of the richest and oldest
companies in Singapore. Refer to my blog
here on John Lim. 


Suntec at 1.97 – Took major profits after a bull
run of this stock. It is also to re-balance my portfolio and decrease my
holdings on Suntec, which was previously, one of my biggest holdings. 

Vallianz at 0.061 – Sold off….keep some cash…Oil and Gas market
is gloomy after the oil price plunge. I decided to divest at a loss and
possibly come back again if pricing continues to tumble. Pain had already been
felt within the industry down the supply chain. Is this just the beginning of
the slide? Or time to rebound since oil prices are beginning to creep upwards?
I am currently holding 25 stocks. Due to the lack of time anticipated this year to monitor, I will slowly reduce this number if the right situation permits, going forward. 
There you go, a busy 2-3 months had past like a
gush of wind. 

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10 thoughts on “My Life and Portfolio Updates at the Start of 2015

  1. Hi Rolf

    Wah did your company get bought over? Seems like there will be a lot of synergies and restructuring around. I'm sure you'll be even busier than ever.

    Good to see your updates as always. And Cheers to the little ones too 🙂

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, now back to a co with many thousands with billions in rev. Now, not only us integrating into the parent, the whole parent organisation is re-organizing worldwide.

      It is not my first time working for a company and being acquired. It is a double-edged knife. It will possess opportunities if you are lucky and positive, on the other hand, it can mean changes and instability.

      Good news is my new company wanted to invest more in Asia since they were primarily base in Europe. Bad news for me, is I already been tasked more responsibilities.

      To compensate that, I looked at the little ones smile, and that always brightens your day (if they do not cry!)

      I hope you have a very good start in 2015 too!

  2. Congrats on your new baby :). Flying too much actually takes a toll on one's health esp. skin and nose allergy. You may want to consider wearing a mask when you fly and pop some multi-vitamins as well. It helps. Take care.

  3. Hi Lady YCBF,

    Thanks for dropping by and well wishes. Yes, I just back from a weeklong trip and flying again tomorrow morning. Terrible.

    Your advice on mask and multi-vitamins is well-noted. The mask will be so helpful for my Sinus!

    By the way, I read your blog. Your investment growth are incredible. I really admired it but I am sure you did have your fair share of problems in the process of growing. It is not easy and you did it splendidly. 🙂

  4. Hi Rolf

    Good to hear an update from you again. Congrats on your new kid! Must take care of your health ok, going to hospital must have been worrying. Each of us has 24 hrs a day, so when we say we have no time for something, it simply means we don't prioritise it enough.

    1. Hi RetailTrader,

      Yes, trying my best not to loose touch on blogging – something I love doing. 🙂

      Thanks for the concern. Apparently, I am now taking a deserve short break to recharge my battery at Bali… and yes leaving the whole chunk of backlog work behind.

      Sun, Sea & Sand + nice food & coffee.. for me, what more can I ask for in life!

      I hope you already have your vacation too?

  5. Hi Rolf,

    Well done to the new buys. Congratulation to the new member. I can feel you when you are busy flying around. To us, it is a tiring things to always flying around runnning from one city to the next. To others, it looks so glamourous to be taking planes like taking buses.

    Take care of health in order to walk a little longer. All the best!

    1. Hi David,

      Indeed traveling is never glamorous as one may think. In fact, given a choice, I prefer to spend more time at home. Seems like you are a frequent traveler too!

      The new buys is not doing extremely well, but the sell is perhaps better choice.

      Always easier to buy than sell.

  6. Hi Rolf,

    Congrat to your little Rolf. It is important to strike balance between work, home and health.. Keep going and keep smiling 😉

    1. Hi Richard,

      Balance is the most important word. Got it…that is why I am now re-charging myself in Bali. Sun…sand….sea….food… 🙂

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