August 5, 2021

7 thoughts on “My First Trip to Tokyo

    1. Hi Secretinvestors,

      Indeed food is tasty. I wish I could stay longer, but I do miss home then. It has been a busy last two months.

      Anyway wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year 2015.

  1. Rolf,

    I like Tokyo.

    My most expensive taxi ride was also around SGD $300 in Milan. After that experience, I never complain Singapore taxis expensive!

    Japan is a very interesting place. There are many cultural aspects I admire in them; but I also know it would be difficult for me to fit in there…

    It's what I call "ritualised" politeness. Conformity is not exactly my strongest suit… LOL!

    Although this top down seniority crap (like in Korea) has its roots in Confucius, I prefer our meritocratic system – I can empathise and understand the angst many 50 plus Singaporeans feel at the "threat" of being replaced by a younger, more energetic Singaporean…

    In Japan, the seniors are "screwing" with their young by offering them temp contracts or part-time work to keep costs down. That's why if they want full time employment with benefits, must LISTEN to their senpai!!!

    Creative flexibility is not exactly rewarded 😉

    1. Hi SMOL,
      I like Tokyo as well, but I will definitely prefer to have holiday there rather than work.
      Taxi S$300, that is cheap for you! Haha. 😛
      What a phrase “ritualised” politeness! Neither do I like conformity. Same species!
      Yeah….indeed it is top down crap, which is not my cup of tea. I remember my Japanese colleague told me that even if you know your superior is wrong, Example drive the car in the wrong route, you also cannot tell him he drove the wrong way! It is consider insubordinate!
      Oh…the temp contract thingy, something new for me…definitely not the most efficient or ethical way to treat the younger generation. Actually in Norway, it is opposite. The older generation is most willing to hand over the baton to the younger generation, while they take steps backwards.
      By the way, you used the phrase “seniors is screwing their young”, sounds like xxx rated! LOL.
      Creativity in Japan can only be rewarded if it is still conformity. Hmm….then it is creative destruction!

  2. "有禮 沒體"

    But i like their cleanliness. i think ICHIBAN. Most countries of Europe can't compare.

  3. i like their music & songs too. Many of their famous songs are translated in Mandarin by the Taiwanese.
    i remembered one afternoon incident in Tokyo, i was desperately looking for a toilet to piss and i happened to pass by a police post that had a toilet. Needless to say the police just refused me using the toilet with a stern looking face. It was not funny to ask him , i supposed so.
    So especially during the night after heavy KARA O. K. drinking session with Japanese technical associates, once out of the pub, we pissed in the backlane lol.
    i wonder is there any difference now?

    1. Hi temperament,

      Yes, the songs & music are nice. I remember one of my favorite Songs Emil Chua song "让我欢喜让我忧" is also Japanese songs and the famous "say yes" song.

      Tokyo is amazingly clean and also funny thing is I can hardly find rubbish bins on the street. Wonder if they bring their own bins bags and put in their pocket.

      Europe touristic areas are dirty. In Amsterdam, I remember people just drink, drugs and pee… same in Frankfurt which I witness peeing on the shopping streets.

      No time for Karaoke so never pee on back lane. haha. must be lots of fun. 🙂

      I definitely have no guts to go to the police station and ask for toilet. You guys are just gutsy! Must be so fun when you look back!

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